True Blue Crew Midway Traditions

April 13, 2012

We opened our Carnival yesterday at the Dasmesh Darbar Gurdwara in Surrey, BC for the start of Season 10 with sunshine and excited, smiling faces!

Ribbon-Cutting-Bumper-Cars-300x225This was no ordinary day on the Shooting Star Midway. It has become a tradition at our Carnival for our staff to be the first riders on our new rides. This tradition was born at the Hyack Festival on our first day, of our first season of Shooting Star Amusements in 2002.

A few years ago, in a very serious conversation with my six year old niece, she informed me, “If you do something more than twice Auntie, its tradition”. From the wisdom of a child a tradition is born!

In the past we have held barbeques and festive ribbon cutting ceremonies all around the arrival and installation of a brand new carnival ride on our midway. We invite our families and friends and always our crew (our Travel Family).

Kamikaze-2012-Loading-up-the-Crew-300x225Several years ago we had a Grand Opening Barbeque in Celebration of the arrival of our Bumper Cars on a snowy day in February. This was complete with a bon-fire and laughter into the night as we all took a turn crashing into one another on our Bumper Cars Ride! There was cake, (there is always Cake – that’s a story for another day) – we have had a lot of pretty amazing cakes and so much to celebrate over the last decade!

Yesterday we enjoyed our favorites; Tim Horten’s Donuts during our staff meeting and then promptly ran over to ride the Kamikaze for her maiden voyage with our very important crew. There were those of us that had to take pictures of course – but the crew were thrilled to ride! We do love to play. The screams and shrieks in the quiet parking lot were truly glorious! What fun we have!

We are so lucky to go to work every day in an outdoor playground, working with many of our own family members and those people who have become family to us – our amazing crew. We have traditionally honoured them by letting them be the First of the Riders on our New Carnival Rides!

Want to be a part of something fun? Come and work with us! Make great memories and have fabulous stories to tell of your adventures!

We may not offer a dental plan, but you can ride all the Midway rides you can and still have miles of smiles!

Sun, Fun and travel, it’s the best to be in Show business!