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Looking for something to do in June on Vancouver Island? Not far from Victoria, BC…


Come and celebrate the 50th Oak Bay Tea Party in Willows Park June 2nd and 3rd!
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1May-Ride-for-Life“If Life gives you Lemons – make Lemonade!” Look what happened when life gave Lemon Heaven a lot of lemons?

Have you ever wondered what you are supposed to make if Life gives you Cancer? How about a difference?

We challenge all Carnival Companies and anyone in BC and Canada who make a living in the Amusement Industry with their rides, games or food concessions to help us Fight Cancer. Use your carnival equipment to really make a difference and fight for positive change!
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Leigh-Square-Train-300x176Many years ago a small number of our Carnival Rides were set up at Leigh Square in Port Coquitlam. In those years there was only room for five carnival rides tucked into the square and down the back alleys of Leigh Square in Port Coquitlam, BC. After the parade was over, we saw many families come and enjoy our whimsical kiddie rides.

Just down the road at the arena West Coast Amusements had their Carnival rides set up for the PoCo May Days Celebration weekend. This was quite a unique situation in the Amusement Industry. It’s very rare for two Amusement Companies to work in two locations just a block away from each other — rare but certainly not impossible.
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Want To Do List

April 26, 2012

What’s on your Want to Do List?

Want-to-List-Dad-and-Child-225x300Have you ever asked yourself, When did I get this busy? How did I get this busy? Do you miss the times when you could just sit and rest awhile, spend time with friends; enjoy family time? Why is that kind of time at such a premium now? Have you ever wondered where the time goes? I remember my Mom saying, “When you are raising children the days are long, but the years are short.”

With modern technology, our computers no longer stay in a room on a desk. We keep them in our pockets or purses and they barely leave our hands, for even a moment. With today’s technology, we can get even more done now, to free us up to have even more things to do! I have pages of “To Do” lists! Wouldn’t it be great if we had a “Want to List” This list would be filled with the things we want to do, rather than the things we should be doing.
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We opened our Carnival yesterday at the Dasmesh Darbar Gurdwara in Surrey, BC for the start of Season 10 with sunshine and excited, smiling faces!

Ribbon-Cutting-Bumper-Cars-300x225This was no ordinary day on the Shooting Star Midway. It has become a tradition at our Carnival for our staff to be the first riders on our new rides. This tradition was born at the Hyack Festival on our first day, of our first season of Shooting Star Amusements in 2002.

A few years ago, in a very serious conversation with my six year old niece, she informed me, “If you do something more than twice Auntie, its tradition”. From the wisdom of a child a tradition is born!

In the past we have held barbeques and festive ribbon cutting ceremonies all around the arrival and installation of a brand new carnival ride on our midway. We invite our families and friends and always our crew (our Travel Family).
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Parade-Trucks-300x208The Last Decade – My Favorite Carnival Memory
Through the Looking Glass – going back to the first year Shooting Star Amusements played at the Oak Bay Tea Party in 2007.

It is a rare occasion when all of our Carnival Rides and Games get to an event all at once! Our trucks usually arrive at staggered times.

Our First Year at the Oak Bay Tea Party, our entire Carnival was on the same Ferry going to Victoria. As a result we all traveled towards Willows Park in what looked like our own parade. One truck after the other, we toured through downtown Victoria and on through the quiet neighborhoods towards Willows Park.
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web-jaenna-and-mattais-anticipation-300x225It is incredible how quickly a decade goes by! At our headquarters, our Production team have been researching our history from ten years ago looking back to 2002. Who knew in just ten quick years our carnival midway would grow to triple the size?

What an incredible journey this has been for us. Owning our own Carnival has been a spectacular ride on the biggest roller coaster! The ups and downs and turns and curves, really makes the ride not only a thrill, but a great joy and pleasure.

There is never a moment that goes by, that I am not grateful for the people who have believed in our Carnival Company. We owe gratitude to our long term clients and the new ones who took a leap of faith and hired our Carnival Midway Company. We are so fortunate to have made incredible friendships with these amazing people — most of them are Volunteers and many of them have been Directors of the Fairs and Festivals for much more than a decade!
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2011Temple-with-Twinkle-225x300We live in a multi-cultural society in British Columbia. As a result, we have the great pleasure of enjoying so many great Cultural Events around the Lower Mainland. What better way to expose your children to how other cultures live and celebrate?

Living in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia with such a diverse fusion of people you can actually travel through your own community as if you were on vacation in another country!

Looking for something to do in April? One of the greatest things to experience is the Culture and Celebrations of India. Why not see and enjoy the Vaisakhi Days Celebration in Surrey BC? Most of the food and events are free. The Carnival rides can be enjoyed at the lowest price of the year!

For many thousands of years, “Vaisakhi” (pronounced Vah-sack-ee) has been the time when farmers have brought in their harvest and celebrated the coming of a new year and a new harvest season. For the last 300+ years, the Sikhs have had a further reason to celebrate at this time of the year. Vaisakhi has become a holy day to mark the birth of the Khalsa fraternity.
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Tired of the rising cost of fuel? Imagine how many trucks we need to transport our Amusements from the West Coast to your community! Fuel costs today are our biggest enemy, followed right after the HST. Unfortunately we have to include some of this increase in our ride ticket prices.
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