rock creek and boundary fall fairReady to kick up some dust at one of the last true country fairs? Well, it’s your last chance of the 2017 season! Bring the family to the 2017 Rock Creek and Boundary Fall Fair on September 16th and 17th! Rock Creek may be a small community, but it punches way above its weight every year putting on the grandest country shindig in the region. It’s time for community fun, family fun and farm fun – that’s what living in Boundary country is all about. So head to the stunning mountain country of the awesome Kettle River Valley.

When and Where the Action is Happening

Mark your calendar for Saturday September 17th and Sunday 18th and set your GPS for the Rock Creek Fairgrounds on Kettle Valley Road. Check here to see the fair’s layout and where you can park.

September in this neck of the woods is still a sun-drenched month. And camping sites are right nearby, so bring your RV or trailer!

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salmon arm fall fairIf you think summer is over and that’s it with the kids going back to school, think again! September is the BEST time for a fair – especially in the sensational Shuswap region of BC’s Okanagan.

As the saying goes, if you got it, flaunt it. For 120 years, the Salmon Arm Fall Fair has proven it has plenty to flaunt and 2017’s spectacular fair is no exception! The theme this year is ‘Something to Crow About’ and we think that’s perfect.

That first week of school doesn’t involve much work for the kids, so give them one more bit of vacation fun. Head to Salmon Arm from September 8th to 10th and see for yourself. This annual fair brings the people of the Okanagan-Shuswap region together to celebrate the community, enjoy the scrumptious harvest, show off local talent, and have loads of fun.  Read More »

bulkley valley exhibitionIt doesn’t matter how much we wish for it, summer doesn’t last forever. So, squeeze as much fun out of it while it’s still here!

On the other hand, the summer of 2017 in British Columbia has felt very long because of the unrelenting wildfires.

Whatever the situation, everyone needs a little break to let their hair down, especially those affected by the fires. So, head to stunningly sensational Smithers from August 24th to 27th for loads of awesome family and community fun at the 98th annual Bulkley Valley ExhibitionRead More »

vancouver island exhibitionThe Vancouver Island Exhibition (VIEx) is celebrating 123 years of great family fun, education, and community excitement. That’s right… 123 years! It’s the biggest and oldest event in Nanaimo!

Think about British Columbia in the summer sunshine and Nanaimo is pretty much the quintessential image. Huge trees, mountain views, green parks, pretty homes, ocean water, boats, ferries, a carnival full of rides and games… OMG, we can’t wait!

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missing child at carnivalEvery year, at every fair, kids get separated from their parents. It’s quite common. The good news is that they always get found and reunited.

But the feeling of separation is terrifying for both the parent and the child.

Make sure you enjoy a fun-filled day of adventure at the carnival by being fully prepared and informed should one of your kids become separated from you. A fairground is big, crowded place and even a few moments of being separated can cause immense anxiety.

Fortunately, fairs have safeguards in place for reuniting lost children with their families. In many cases, police and even surveillance cameras help a great deal.

Still, it’s important to be safe and have your own plan for preventing your child being lost at the fair and for reuniting quickly if it happens.

What to Do When Your Child is Missing

  • First, stay calm so you can think. Kids don’t usually stray too far.
  • Do a quick search of the immediate area at child’s eye height. Notice anything that may have caught your child’s attention – an ice cream or cotton candy truck, a game with giant stuffed animals, a ride, etc.
  • Call out your child’s name as you scan and search.
  • Keep the rest of your group together.
  • Do not wander off yourself. If everyone goes in different directions, everyone gets lost.
  • Inform the nearest fair employee. All workers are instructed on what to do in cases of separated children.

In BC… Look for the Turquoise Shirts!

If you are at a BC fair where Shooting Star Amusements provides the midway rides and games, our employees are easily identifiable by the bright turquoise shirts they wear. All of them know the procedure to follow when a child is lost.

If they find a lost child, they will take him/her to the ticket booths.

Great Tips to Be Prepared

Just before you leave for the fair, take a family photo on your cellphone. Make sure it clearly shows your children and what they are wearing. This will provide officials with much better information than a verbal description.

When you get there, show your children these things:

  • Designate a meeting point. Pick a spot easily visible from everywhere in the park to be your family’s meeting place. The Ferris Wheel is a great example. Tell people that they should go there and wait if they get separated.
  • Help Center and Lost Persons Booth. Tell your children they can go here if they are lost and if it’s closer than the meeting point.
  • Important people. Point out to your child who to go to if they get separated: fair staff, police, security, etc. (Show your kid the Shooting Star turquoise shirts.)

Young Kids (7 years old and under)

  • Pin a note to your child’s clothing. Written on it should be their first and last name, your name, and your mobile number.
  • Dress them in bright colors. Neons and fluorescents are best.
  • Hold your child’s hand when walking at a pace that is comfortable for the young one.
  • Place very small children in strollers and tie an identifying ribbon on the stroller. Many strollers look alike.

Older Kids (8 years and up)

  • If your child has a phone, program it with all the contact numbers they will need.
  • Use a buddy system. Have them go in pairs to anywhere they might be starting to go independently– to the bathroom, on rides, etc.
  • Have a plan and designated meeting place.
  • Teach them about stranger danger. Be cautious with grown-ups asking for help, never approach a strange car, yell loudly if a stranger tries to get them to go somewhere, etc.

Use these tips, have a plan, and look for the turquoise shirts of friendly Shooting Star employees. Then you will be sure to have a successful and enjoyable day at any of BC’s spring, summer and fall fairs

See you there!

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Shooting Star Amusements and a clickable link back to this page.

Penticton peach festivalSurrounded by forested ridges, mountain lakes, breathtaking views, and orchards and wineries galore, Penticton, BC, is a stunning location and tourist magnet. Even with so many attractions, there’s an even better reason to visit Penticton this summer… the 5-day entertainment bonanza known as the Penticton Peach Festival.

Peachfest 2017 is the place to be in the Okanagan Valley from August 9th to 13th.

And best of all, admission is FREE!

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abbotsford agrifairThe Abbotsford Agrifair is more than “the best little country fair on Earth”. It’s Abbotsford’s only event offering such a huge variety of entertainment and education in one location over three days – August 4th to 6th, 2017.

The Canada 150 celebrations are far from over in this wonderful city that is the jewel of the Fraser Valley and only an hour’s drive from downtown Vancouver. Agrifair will once again bridge the gap from city to country and from generation to generation.

All for a very affordable price!

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maple ridge pitt meadows country fest There is nothing like a good old country fair to bring a community together, have loads of fun, and learn a thing or two!

So saddle up! Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows in BC’s Lower Mainland are putting on their annual two-day agricultural shindig on July 29th and 30th 2017. Just like living in the two cities, the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Country Fest is the perfect combination of the best of rural and urban living.

Head for the Albion Fairgrounds in Maple Ridge. Best of all… admission is FREE and you can park for just a TOONIE!

Country Fest – Loved for Over 100 Years!

For 114 years, people from all over the Lower Mainland have been flocking to the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Country Fest to be amazed, educated and entertained by the best of the best in farming – from animal exhibitions of all sorts to hilarious races, competitions, and sheep shearing demos. Read More »

billy barker daysCalling all fun-in-the-sun seekers in BC’s Cariboo District and beyond! Quesnel’s famous annual Billy Barker Days festival is on again from July 13-16, 2017. If you’re in Prince George, Barkerville, Williams Lake and other parts of the Cariboo, don’t miss these four days of non-stop entertainment, action, fun and excitement.

Billy Barker Days – Great Community and Family Fun!

Billy Barker Days is an annual, family-oriented celebration of the Quesnel community, the Cariboo district, and BC’s rich mining history. Billy Barker is a legend in these parts. He was the first to strike big gold in the Cariboo back in the 1800s, spawning the Gold Rush, and he founded the town of Barkerville.
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bc spring/summer carnival

At the time of writing this, there’s no more waiting for BC’s spring and summer carnival season to begin. But you may have to wait in line for some of Shooting Star’s awesome amusement rides.

When lining up, we urge you to PLEASE observe some rules of courtesy and safety. We have seen an alarming uptick in poor line behaviour, particularly line cutting, so we’re offering this guide in the hope that everyone can have a controversy-free day at one of our carnivals.

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