Did You Know


100% of the people who work with Shooting Star Amusements – love what they do.


  • Our goal is to provide the best customer service in our Industry. Please let us know how we are doing. Contact-Us
  • There is nothing more fun than loving what you do and knowing that it matters.
  • Our ride tickets are valid on all of our rides.
  • We don’t offer refunds on our ride tickets but they are valid at any of our locations and they never expire – so you can keep them for next year too!
  • We don’t accept Debit or Credit cards, but we do offer an ATM Machine at most locations.
  • We accept tickets at the rides and cash at the game and food booths.
  • Most of our big rides take 5 tickets per person.
  • The Kiddie rides take 3 or 4 tickets per person.
  • Each Ride has different height requirements posted at the ride. Most kiddie rides are 36” to 42” — the bigger rides are 42” and up. Measure up at each ride or at our Ticket Booth.
  • Each Ride has its own safety rules, and height requirements posted on signs at each ride entrance.

Some Interesting things about the Fairs and Festivals….


  • Our Company contributes a portion of our profits to every fair and festival we play. This revenue is used by the Non Profit Societies (the Fairs and Festivals) to provide many of the activities and entertainment you enjoy at the event.
  • Like many other local companies, our company Sponsors many fairs and festivals – see the sponsors at each fair.
  • The people who operate the games and rides and food booths on our Carnival are paid employees – but did you know that all fairs and festivals require many Volunteers to make the event possible for everyone? In fact, many fairs and festivals are completely operated by Volunteers from the President and the Board of Directors to the Volunteers who clean up after the event is over?
  • Did you know you can be a Volunteer too? Contact your local fair or festival to find out how you can become a cherished member of something great in your community…and it’s fun!