Follow that Carnival Ride!

April 11, 2012

Blog-Photo-Follow-the-Bumper-CarsThere is really nothing like the start of a new season in the Carnival business. Somehow the start of this season is even sweeter since we have been looking back at our History – oh my! What a spectacular ride!

As we all started our engines, and headed out to our first event in Surrey BC, you could really feel everyone’s excitement rising! The adrenaline is flowing, the season is upon us. This is something to celebrate! It’s that peculiar yet familiar thing that happens to all of us in the Carnival business.

Whether you work with West Coast Amusements or Shooting Star Amusements, or any other Carnival Company – I think it’s what keeps us all coming back to our Carnival careers!

Driving down the freeway, the sun is shining, the traffic is light, I come upon two of our Carnival Rides. I am thrilled to be in the “Carnival Parade” once again. I followed behind our Bumper Cars ride through Langley into Surrey. I can’t help but smile as I am reminded once again of the sweet pleasure we enjoy when we see the end results of months of planning and preparation.

In front of me all the way to Surrey is our Company logo as big as life, on the back of our very first brand new carnival ride, the Bumper Cars, which we had custom designed six years ago.

We arrive to the site – just an ordinary parking lot which will soon become a Wonderland filled with Amusement Rides and Games! The Carnival rides are placed on location which also requires more meticulous planning. Tomorrow the rest of our crew will be here and together we will assemble the magic.

Blog-2012-Kamikaze-Set-Up-Day-225x300When our Carnival Company regroups after a long winter, it’s much like a family reunion. Everyone is delighted to see each other, catching up on the events of the winter – face to face, in person. While facebook is fun, nothing takes the place of human contact in a great outdoor amusement park!

It takes an incredible team of people working together to make setting up our Carnival happen seamlessly. It is beyond wonderful to have such great and dedicated people who return year after year to work with our Carnival.

As we put our Huge Spectacular Kamikaze Ride up for the first time on our Midway – the excitement of the people we work with, is mounting! They can’t wait to try the new ride. They all are a part of the successful journey we all share!

Don’t miss your opportunity to be among the first riders of the first and only Kamikaze Ride in British Columbia!