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Please join us in welcoming Boyd and Traci Newton to Shooting Star Amusements’ Management Team! We have known the Newton’s and their family for 17 years.

2015 Boyd and Traci Newton and family
We are delighted to have Boyd and Traci on board with our company. Their combined years of experience and close attention to quality and detail make them the perfect fit for Shooting Star Amusements! They both come from a long family history in the Carnival Business!

Boyd started in the Carnival business working at his Uncle’s food concession stands at the Oregon State Fair, at the age of 7. He has worked in the Carnival Industry in various capacities from food to games to rides and onto the Management of a traveling Carnival company. Boyd holds a BC Safety Authority Electrical Certificate of Qualification, Field Safety Representative Full Entertainment, and a Class 1 Drivers License. He has NDT Qualifications as a Level 2 Weld Inspector, and NAARSO (National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials) Ride Inspector Level 1. In addition, he also holds a Bachelor of Science and Business Administration degree and he is a talented builder of trailers and ticket booths!

Traci comes from a very long line of Carnival owners and operators. Her Great Uncle, Andy Anderson owned Rainer Shows out of Washington State. Her Grandparents and her parents were also involved in the business in various capacities. Traci’s Sister and Brother-in-Law, own Midway West Amusements, a carnival company located in Sun City, Arizona.

Traci’s brother Mitch Hoss and his Wife Crystal own Rainier Amusements out of Portland, Oregon.
Traci holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and became a licensed Insurance Agent for Allied Specialty Insurance. Traci wrote insurance policies for Carnivals, Festivals and Events and for Independent food and ride operators. Traci and Boyd both hold Food Safe certifications for BC and Alberta. Traci Managed the Office and employees of a traveling Carnival for over a decade. Traci was the President of the Northwestern Showmen’s Club in 2007, and they actively participate with the Club today.

Together, Boyd and Traci owned amusement games and operated a Carnival Unit for several years with Midway of Fun, out of California.

From 1999 until 2012, Boyd and Traci Managed and Operated one of the Units for West Coast Amusements.  In 2013, Boyd and Traci moved on to start their own Food Concession business, One Sweet World Company, which operated at large fairs and festivals across Canada and in the U.S. such as the Calgary Stampede and the PNE. Their top quality food concession business has won many awards at various fairs. You will see some of their delicious food products on our Midway this season!

Boyd and Traci will add generations of International experience and quality to our fast growing Midway Company. We are so happy to have Boyd and Traci join us and we know our clients and customers will be thrilled too!

Written by Brenda Medeiros, Shooting Star Amusements

What’s it like to work for Shooting Star Amusements?

By Betty Minifie, Games Manager, Shooting Star Amusements’ Longest Employee.

Wow 19 years and counting! Where to begin…

When I first started to work with Joe and Brenda it was only for a couple of random events. Read More »

Rob's Character Board shows Betty and Krysta 's Character

Rob’s Character Board shows Betty and Krysta ‘s Character.

The Carnival Industry has many similarities – we travel, we entertain, we work very hard, and we are all in Show Business. I like to think that all of us want the same thing, success, fulfillment, a sense of belonging, the opportunity to deliver and provide joy and make a living for our families.

The people who work with us at our Carnival Company are quite different than you might expect. At Shooting Star Amusements, we hire people with inherent great skills and then further cultivate their hidden talents.

On our Carnival Midway you will find entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers, first aid attendants, bankers, gymnasts, magicians, face-painters, artists, sales people, photographers, chefs, professional drivers, University, College and High School students, professional trade people, electricians and retirees who enjoy the interaction with the public.
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SSA-10-Year-Anniversary-Logo-150x150“So…What’s New?”

As a Carnival Company we are always asked “What’s New?” Each year we add something new to our Carnival Midway, but it’s not always something to ride. It does take a long time to build a Carnival from scratch. If you were to Google how much it costs to buy a new ride, I am sure you would be shocked to see just how much they cost.

In our Ten year history we have done some growing up and had our fair share of the ups and downs of any thrilling roller coaster ride! When asked, “What’s New?” We can answer well, a new amusement ride, or a new amusement game or some new and interesting fair food.
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Leigh-Square-Train-300x176Many years ago a small number of our Carnival Rides were set up at Leigh Square in Port Coquitlam. In those years there was only room for five carnival rides tucked into the square and down the back alleys of Leigh Square in Port Coquitlam, BC. After the parade was over, we saw many families come and enjoy our whimsical kiddie rides.

Just down the road at the arena West Coast Amusements had their Carnival rides set up for the PoCo May Days Celebration weekend. This was quite a unique situation in the Amusement Industry. It’s very rare for two Amusement Companies to work in two locations just a block away from each other — rare but certainly not impossible.
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Want To Do List

April 26, 2012

What’s on your Want to Do List?

Want-to-List-Dad-and-Child-225x300Have you ever asked yourself, When did I get this busy? How did I get this busy? Do you miss the times when you could just sit and rest awhile, spend time with friends; enjoy family time? Why is that kind of time at such a premium now? Have you ever wondered where the time goes? I remember my Mom saying, “When you are raising children the days are long, but the years are short.”

With modern technology, our computers no longer stay in a room on a desk. We keep them in our pockets or purses and they barely leave our hands, for even a moment. With today’s technology, we can get even more done now, to free us up to have even more things to do! I have pages of “To Do” lists! Wouldn’t it be great if we had a “Want to List” This list would be filled with the things we want to do, rather than the things we should be doing.
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We opened our Carnival yesterday at the Dasmesh Darbar Gurdwara in Surrey, BC for the start of Season 10 with sunshine and excited, smiling faces!

Ribbon-Cutting-Bumper-Cars-300x225This was no ordinary day on the Shooting Star Midway. It has become a tradition at our Carnival for our staff to be the first riders on our new rides. This tradition was born at the Hyack Festival on our first day, of our first season of Shooting Star Amusements in 2002.

A few years ago, in a very serious conversation with my six year old niece, she informed me, “If you do something more than twice Auntie, its tradition”. From the wisdom of a child a tradition is born!

In the past we have held barbeques and festive ribbon cutting ceremonies all around the arrival and installation of a brand new carnival ride on our midway. We invite our families and friends and always our crew (our Travel Family).
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