Safety and Fun Tips


Safety Tips for Visiting Our Midway

A bit of thought and planning can go a long way towards your safety and comfort when visiting our Midway.

Here are some helpful tips that will assist guests in making their visit to our Midway both safe and fun.

  • Taking an active safety role is especially important in the case of parents with young children: upon your arrival, identify a meeting point in case you are separated during your visit.  If parents or children get lost – Please report to the Midway Ticket Booth.
  • A tip from the RCMP:  Pin the cell phone number of the person who will be with the child to the inside of the child’s shirt.
  • Observe each ride in operation and note the rules regarding age, height and weight; explain appropriate behavior on a ride; and read the rules of the ride together before the child boards the ride.
  • Prior to visiting our Midway -visit our web site for specific event information.  Please also visit the Fair/Festival website for general information about, entertainment, parking, road closures and accessibility information.
  • Dress comfortably, but avoid open-toed shoes and dangling clothing or jewelry. Very long hair should be put up. Protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen and headgear, even on cloudy days.
  • Eat normally and take any medications that might be necessary before visiting the Carnival. Bring medications with you that might be needed during the day. Drink plenty of water and be sure not to skip meals, but only consume food and other beverages, including alcoholic beverages, in moderation prior to enjoying rides. Stop riding before you get excessively tired.
  • Observe all posted rules found on the entrance of each ride, and follow all verbal instructions given by Shooting Star Amusements’ personnel and the ride operators.
  • Be considerate of others … Carnivals are unique environments designed for your enjoyment. Don’t let your exuberance ruin the day for you, your friends or neighbors. Queue lines permit guests to experience popular attractions in a comfortable and orderly manner; while in a queue line be especially considerate of others, observe no smoking and other queue line signage, and never break into line.
  • When enjoying rides and attractions – Measure up first at the Ticket Booth and please obey posted height restrictions, as well as notices concerning such health matters as heart conditions, back/neck conditions, pregnancy, recent surgery, and high blood pressure. Always use common sense … if you don’t feel well, if there has been an abrupt change in your physical status, or any other unusual or unexplained symptoms, skip the ride.
  • Remove personal items such as glasses, hats, cell phones, pagers, etc. before boarding a ride. Keep hands, arms, legs, and feet inside the ride at all times, and remain in the ride until it comes to a complete stop and you are instructed by a ride operator/attendant to exit.
  • If a personal item falls outside the vehicle while you are on the ride, ask an operator/attendant for assistance in retrieving it once you have disembarked from the ride. Do not attempt to retrieve any lost articles yourself.
  • Always use the safety equipment provided and DO NOT attempt to alter or free yourself from any safety restraint in search of a “better” thrill or an opportunity to show off. Restraints are provided for both your safety and the safety of others.

Source: International Association of Amusement Parks and Attraction