Employee Testimonial from Betty Minifie

July 5, 2015

What’s it like to work for Shooting Star Amusements?

By Betty Minifie, Games Manager, Shooting Star Amusements’ Longest Employee.

Wow 19 years and counting! Where to begin…

When I first started to work with Joe and Brenda it was only for a couple of random events.

Then in 1996, I began working regularly.  At that time Joe and Brenda’s Company was called JBM Enterprises. The Company comprised of just games.  In 2001, we became Shooting Star Amusements when we added the rides too!

This company has always been about the families. Ours is a family show and it shows when we see the Grandpa’s dancing with little ones on their shoulders or when we see Grandma giving a child a twirl around the Midway.  This always makes me smile.

Working with this company I bonded with many people over the years. The business tends to have a turnover because it’s seasonal and unfortunately we lose touch with many people we worked with.  Even so, there have been so many that have touched my heart forever. The Crew has always been my extended family.  It is a family I care about deeply.  Some of my co-workers I love as though they were my own blood.

The office staff has always made sure we have all the tools and information we need to perform our jobs. They have been there to help guide us and sometimes there for us when we just need someone to hear us.

Over the years of traveling from town to town, city to city, I have had the pleasure of watching many young families grow. I’ve had many children come to me all grown up and introduce me to their fiances or their new baby. It’s a beautiful feeling to be included in their memories.

The miracles that come with the job…. I could write a book about them.  The hugs we get from babies. The look of fun on the little guy’s faces when they win and did it all by themselves. Hi five little guys!

My time will come when I step aside and let someone else continue where I leave off.   I only hope their life will be as enriched as mine.

Shooting Star will always be my family.