Employee Testimonial by Rob Gunn

July 5, 2015

Rob Gunn, Lot Manager – Written July 2015

Rob GunnI worked for Shooting Star until the spring of this year.  Almost 10 years. You have to really have a passion for the business and the people to stay for so many years.

I have always enjoyed the people and seeing the happy kids. I think we all thrive on the adrenaline we get when we set up and tear down. I always enjoyed the travel and playing new events.

Shooting Star Amusements was a great company to work for. They provided education for their employees. I acquired my Class 1 License many years ago when they paid for my Driving Lessons.

Joe and Brenda always encouraged us to take courses which the Company provided. They sent many of us to school to acquire our first aid tickets and encouraged us to explore other courses of study. Shooting Star invests in their employees and their education.

Joe and Brenda’s number one priority has been Safety. We took great pride and meticulous detail to ensure our midway was safe, inspecting the rides daily. I would always be willing to put my own nieces and friends on any of their rides knowing they were safe.

I will miss the people I worked with. I have great admiration and respect for Shooting Star Amusements. It is a top quality Carnival Company.

Joe and Brenda treated me respectfully and helped me secure my own credentials and perfect my own skill set during my employment with their Company.

I only wish I could have a dog on the road. Then it would have been a perfect job!

There comes a time when you have to settle down and stay closer to home so you can get a dog and have a more conventional family life. I will always help Shooting Star when I can, for once the Carnival is in your blood, it will always be a part you.

I wish Shooting Star Amusements and Joe and Brenda Medeiros and the crew a great season now and in future years to come.

Thank you Shooting Star for ten great years.