Happy Canada Day – Surrey Join Us to Celebrate Today

July 1, 2015

Canada Day 2015 Surrey

“Happy Canada Day!”, or shall I say “Happy Birthday Canada!” This occasion marks the joining of the British North American colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada into a federation of four provinces on July 1, 1867.

As an occasion of national significance, Canada Day is celebrated with great delight and national pride. The communities across the country of Canada hosts organized celebrations for Canada Day, usually outdoor public events, such as parades, festivals, barbecues, air and maritime shows, and free musical concerts.

Wave your flag and choose your face paints. Be sure to use your tickets up before the fireworks begin here at the Surrey, BC Canada day event. It takes between 1 to 6 tickets to ride each ride or attraction. Children’s rides require between 1 and 4 tickets. The bigger family rides take 5 tickets. The Spectacular Rides and attractions require 6 Tickets. Families can join us in celebrating while enjoying the rides, games and food on

this day.

Now this is what I call a birthday.