We are thrilled to announce Shooting Star Amusements has signed on for an additional three years with the Vancouver Island Exhibition to provide the Midway attractions for the VIEX!

What a pleasure it has been bringing our Carnival to Vancouver Island. Thank you so much to the great VIEX Directors for taking the chance and believing in us! What an honour to be invited to return!
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2012-OAK-BAY-121Who had the weather on their to-do list? How about this Junuary? I am very superstitious about the weather; I never check it before we travel. There is nothing we can do about it, we can’t change it and I always hold onto hope for sunshine – no matter what the forecast shows. I figure if my hat is wet, it’s raining. Sometimes, you just gotta have a little faith.

We have certainly travelled with our Carnival this month! From Langley to Vancouver Island for the Oak Bay Tea Party and up to Lumby and through to Kamloops before we head back to Vancouver to play the Point Grey Fiesta.
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Poco-Mothers-Day1What a perfectly wonderful weekend to celebrate and pay tribute to all the Mother’s out there!

On Saturday morning the streets were jam packed with families who sat patiently anticipating the great Poco May Days parade which promenaded through the quiet streets in the Community of Port Coquitlam in celebration of Poco May Days.

When the parade was over, our Midway filled with smiling, excited slightly sun-kissed little faces! The suddenly warm and welcome Carnival sunshine stayed over us all weekend during Poco May Days.

What a pleasure for all of us to watch all the Moms enjoying time spent with their children as the children took their Moms for a free a free ride on Mother’s Day.
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Blog-Photo-Follow-the-Bumper-CarsThere is really nothing like the start of a new season in the Carnival business. Somehow the start of this season is even sweeter since we have been looking back at our History – oh my! What a spectacular ride!

As we all started our engines, and headed out to our first event in Surrey BC, you could really feel everyone’s excitement rising! The adrenaline is flowing, the season is upon us. This is something to celebrate! It’s that peculiar yet familiar thing that happens to all of us in the Carnival business.

Whether you work with West Coast Amusements or Shooting Star Amusements, or any other Carnival Company – I think it’s what keeps us all coming back to our Carnival careers!
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SSA-10-Year-Anniversary-Logo-150x150Want Cheap Rides? How about this? TEN YEARS – TEN DOLLARS! What Carnival Company does that? Let’s go back to 2002 when the Dasmesh Gurdwara Darbar Vaishaki Ride Wristbands were offered for only $10 Dollars in Surrey, BC.

Join us as we take our Time Machine back ten years, and offer our All Day Ride Passes for just $10 on the opening day of Shooting Star Amusements’ 10th Carnival Season which begins on Thursday April 12, 2012

Enjoy the carnival rides and games in Surrey, BC at the best Carnival Ride Prices of the year!
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1985-Our-first-JointAfter 18 years dabbling in the Carnival Business with the PNE and our days with West Coast Amusements, in 2001 my husband Joe and I took a huge leap of faith. We stepped right up and purchased five Amusement Rides to accompany our existing Carnival Games Company (then called JBM Enterprises). It was this decision that changed our lives forever!

Just one year later, we held our first contest to name our company (which was won by my late Brother). With the new name in hand we had a logo designed and Shooting Star Amusements was born.

The five carnival rides we purchased a decade ago were the Ferris Wheel, The Lightening Bolt, the Titanic Slide, the Go Gator Roller Coaster and the Moonwalk.

This was the biggest and scariest investment of our lives. Using our Home as collateral for a loan, we took the chance – we believed.
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web-jaenna-and-mattais-anticipation-300x225It is incredible how quickly a decade goes by! At our headquarters, our Production team have been researching our history from ten years ago looking back to 2002. Who knew in just ten quick years our carnival midway would grow to triple the size?

What an incredible journey this has been for us. Owning our own Carnival has been a spectacular ride on the biggest roller coaster! The ups and downs and turns and curves, really makes the ride not only a thrill, but a great joy and pleasure.

There is never a moment that goes by, that I am not grateful for the people who have believed in our Carnival Company. We owe gratitude to our long term clients and the new ones who took a leap of faith and hired our Carnival Midway Company. We are so fortunate to have made incredible friendships with these amazing people — most of them are Volunteers and many of them have been Directors of the Fairs and Festivals for much more than a decade!
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Tired of the rising cost of fuel? Imagine how many trucks we need to transport our Amusements from the West Coast to your community! Fuel costs today are our biggest enemy, followed right after the HST. Unfortunately we have to include some of this increase in our ride ticket prices.
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SSA-Kamikaze-Photo-165x300RISING TO NEW HEIGHTS IN 10 YEARS!

Our 10th year is going to be spectacular! Shooting Star Amusements has a Big New Ride! The Kamikaze will be coming to a Fair or Festival near you this summer!

In recognition of the 10th Anniversary of developing our company, “Shooting Star Amusements”, we brought a brand new ride to the West Coast of BC!! This is no kiddie ride! It’s a BIG new Ride to thrill the Teenagers at our Fairs and Festivals. The Kamikaze Ride towers up over 60 feet in the air!

A 10 Year Anniversary is a Sapphire Anniversary. Our Kamikaze fits the bill! The same colour as our original “True Blue” uniform shirts! This ride will take us all to new heights in our 10th Season, it’s the biggest ride to grace our Midway.

Join us at any of our events from the West Coast right through the Okanagon. Take the Gold Rush Trail to Quesnel for Billy Barker Days, cruize through Prince George, all the way up to Smithers for the Bulkley Valley Exhibition, the Greatest Country Fair and Rodeo in Northern BC!
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