Shooting Star Amusements at the VIEx

August 18, 2012

We are thrilled to announce Shooting Star Amusements has signed on for an additional three years with the Vancouver Island Exhibition to provide the Midway attractions for the VIEX!

What a pleasure it has been bringing our Carnival to Vancouver Island. Thank you so much to the great VIEX Directors for taking the chance and believing in us! What an honour to be invited to return!

Our heartfelt gratitude as always goes out to our hardworking CrewYOU are making all the difference! Thank you for having the same passion we do for providing your own brand of entertainment along with the operation of the rides and games.

We look forward to many more incredible years working together with the Vancouver Island Exhibition, bringing our Carnival to Nanaimo for miles of smiles! What a decade this has been for our Carnival Company!