From the Merry Go Round to the Zipper – What a Ride

March 24, 2012

web-jaenna-and-mattais-anticipation-300x225It is incredible how quickly a decade goes by! At our headquarters, our Production team have been researching our history from ten years ago looking back to 2002. Who knew in just ten quick years our carnival midway would grow to triple the size?

What an incredible journey this has been for us. Owning our own Carnival has been a spectacular ride on the biggest roller coaster! The ups and downs and turns and curves, really makes the ride not only a thrill, but a great joy and pleasure.

There is never a moment that goes by, that I am not grateful for the people who have believed in our Carnival Company. We owe gratitude to our long term clients and the new ones who took a leap of faith and hired our Carnival Midway Company. We are so fortunate to have made incredible friendships with these amazing people — most of them are Volunteers and many of them have been Directors of the Fairs and Festivals for much more than a decade!

Our greatest appreciation is for the families who bring their children out to enjoy our rides and games. Watching these children grow up over the last decade has been a pleasure and a treasure for all of us. Our hearts are won over by these children as we witness them facing their fears through apprehension from sitting with their parents on the Merry Go Round to screeching in sheer terror and excitement when they finally reach the height requirements of the Zipper Ride!

Web-Jaenna-and-mattais-2008-300x227We have been delighted by the children who have raced over to our rides and wholeheartedly declare, “Do you remember me? I was on this ride last year!” To which our ride operators reply without a moment of hesitation, “Of course, I do!” Now why wouldn’t we? The children really are the magic of the midway. Those are the words from the voice of a child…Well what can I say, for me this is the stuff that dreams are made of when you own an amusement company.

It’s not just the rides and games that make the Carnival a wonderful Career for all of us, but truly it is our customers, young and old who have that wonderful look of utter joy and pleasure that makes it all worthwhile.

Bring your family to our Midway and enjoy the magic!

Brenda Medeiros – Co-Owner, Shooting Star Amusements