Carnival in the Good Old Days Blog

March 26, 2012

Living-the-Dream-with-Shooting-Star-Amusments-300x186We couldn’t Google “Carnivals in British Columbia” from a Pay Phone. Have you ever looked back at old pictures from ten years ago and said, “I had so much fun back then”? Looking back at the good old days is kind of like a Spa for your Spirit. Remembering all the fun we have had, the laughs and oh, how naive we were. There is no question as you grow up you get wiser!

Fortunately in the Carnival business growing up doesn’t mean growing old! We still continue to have so much fun! We work in an outdoor playground all summer long!

At Shooting Star’s Carnival Headquarters, our Production team have been gathering photos and trivia and old articles and letters which we will publish throughout the celebration of our 10th carnival season. It’s amusing to see people pictures from a decade ago, but there have been huge changes with our rides and games too! We have come a long way in just 10 years!

Shooting-Star-Ticket-box-and-Ferris-wheel-300x225Gathering these photos has been a manual process because in “those days” the camera didn’t take digital pictures! There were no camera/video phones, and you couldn’t find out about Carnival Midways when you “Googled” it from a phone or Ipod! Now that Facebook has designed the new Timeline, we have been inspired.

Our designer is making unique “Cover” photos for use on your facebook page. Feel free to share them. [Click here for more…]

If you have any pictures of your family or friends on our Carnival Midway, please post them on our Facebook page! Share the Joy and the Fun!

Brenda Medeiros, Director Shooting Star Amusements