The New Fountain of Youth Revealed – It’s the Carnival

August 3, 2016

Visiting a Midway Carnival Keeps Everyone Young

carnival fun for all, carnival fun all agesA carnival is unique in its ability to elicit fun and enjoyment from people of all ages. Everyone goes to the carnival during childhood and the memories it implants are powerful images and feelings of being young. More importantly, when those memories are triggered, they are just as intense decades later and have the ability to transport people back to their earlier experiences, almost like being there.

It’s the feelings that are the key. Many experiences leave images in the memory, but few bring feelings with such potency and reality as a carnival.

The smell of popcorn and mini-donuts… the feel and taste of cotton candy on and in your mouth… the swirling sounds of midway games, buzzers, bells, barkers, laughter, rides and music… the anticipation before a ride begins and the feel of the restraints… the sudden drop in your stomach as you plunge…

See? You’re there already. You’re back in your childhood.

Carnival fun is truly for all ages. It’s definitely the fountain of your youth. Summer carnivals in BC are where you relive it all over again, for yourself and through the eyes of your own kids. 

A Delight for Your Senses

carnival fun for all, carnival fun all agesCheck out some of the carnivals and festivals on the BC summer calendar and go enjoy some rides, games and carnival taste treats. You’ll know exactly what we mean about the Fountain of Youth the moment you see one. The carnival means fun for all ages.

Then… when you see your own children’s eyes, you’ll know they are implanting lifelong memories.

To the left… games, games, and more games all in a row, like houses waiting to be visited… Boisterous men and women, calling out to passers-by with a joke and a wave… Young hopefuls looking to their heroes to win a plush animal… Small children delighting at Balloon Pop and Gone Fishin’…

To your right… your nose is drawn to the onslaught of sweet and savoury smells… Smoke billows from grills… Pink and blue clouds of sweetness spin in their machines… Signs scream out “Donuts!” and “Ice Cream!”…

And straight ahead… towering rides, shifting, spinning, plunging, rolling… Laughter and screams of delight… Faces and voices giddy with energy as they pass by…

It’s the fountain of youth because we all can relate to it.

Hand Holding Magic

IMG_3654Remember your parents holding your hand as you walked open-mouthed in wonder? You can experience it all over again with your own child. You’ll know exactly what they’re feeling and youth will come flooding back to you.

Guide your child through the midway fun. You know the best time to go to rides or when to eat so stomachs will handle them comfortably. You know the “tricks” at the games and can give happy advice.

It’s a rite of passage. The carnival transcends age. Sharing the experience with the next generation requires only a desire to smile, laugh and have fun. Take a trip down memory lane and see it for the first time all over again through their eyes. The fun never ends for all ages.

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