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Visiting a Midway Carnival Keeps Everyone Young

carnival fun for all, carnival fun all agesA carnival is unique in its ability to elicit fun and enjoyment from people of all ages. Everyone goes to the carnival during childhood and the memories it implants are powerful images and feelings of being young. More importantly, when those memories are triggered, they are just as intense decades later and have the ability to transport people back to their earlier experiences, almost like being there.

It’s the feelings that are the key. Many experiences leave images in the memory, but few bring feelings with such potency and reality as a carnival.

The smell of popcorn and mini-donuts… the feel and taste of cotton candy on and in your mouth… the swirling sounds of midway games, buzzers, bells, barkers, laughter, rides and music… the anticipation before a ride begins and the feel of the restraints… the sudden drop in your stomach as you plunge…

See? You’re there already. You’re back in your childhood.

Carnival fun is truly for all ages. It’s definitely the fountain of your youth. Summer carnivals in BC are where you relive it all over again, for yourself and through the eyes of your own kids.  Read More »

BC is pretty much the ideal place to be in Canada when summer rolls around. On top of its majestic mountains, stunning coastline, lush forests, and enviably laid-back lifestyle, its charming towns and cities are home to some of the best summer carnivals and festivals across the nation.

If you love festivals, fairs and summer carnivals, BC has it all in 2016. Grab the family and get on the road to these towns this season.


summer carnivals bc, summer festivals bcEnjoy the Island life, if even for a day. Vancouver Island is home to BC’s gorgeous capital city, beautiful Victoria. Whether you’re strolling through the many parklands, visiting the Royal BC Museum, whale watching along the coast, or pampering yourself in a spa, there is something for everyone. Be sure to check the 54th annual Oak Bay Tea Party from June 3-5, as this event is not only fun for the whole family, but also raises money for services organizations across the province. And don’t miss the exciting Air Show with skydiving at Willows Beach on June 5. It’s free!


Lumby is truly an outdoor person’s dream. Situated in a diverse agricultural valley, Lumby is home to pristine fishing, hiking, waterfalls, and one of the most fun and genuine Read More »