Five Reasons You’ll Love Working for a Midway Carnival

July 22, 2016

employment midway carnivalA summer job is a rite of passage. It’s a sign of growing up and increasing independence. For many adults, summer jobs invoke fond memories of their younger years when there was less stress and more adventure and spontaneous fun.

Of all summer jobs, it’s hard to imagine one better than working for a midway carnival company with its rides, games and food trucks.

For many, it would be a childhood dream come true. For others, it’s great seasonal work that includes travel.

If you’re looking for a great way to spend your summer, or if you’re a parent wanting your child to grow in independence and responsibility, here are five great reasons to think about employment at a midway carnival company. 

Expanded Horizons

The life of the carnival is a wandering one. Working for one means travelling from town to town, city to city, bringing joy and excitement. It needs a reliable team to make the magic happen. There’s hard, honest work in setting up, packing up, loading the trucks, and moving on to the next place. It can be tiring but phenomenally satisfying. Carnival events are often the spring/summer highlight in a town or city. Creating happiness for others while travelling across beautiful British Columbia is definitely a double win.

Being Out and About

A summer job should definitely involve being in the great outdoors. Otherwise, summer is kind of wasted. Doing an indoor job may bring income, but it sure sucks when everyone else is enjoying the blue sky. Employment with a midway carnival company means having BC’s amazing forests, lakes and mountain as backdrops. It doesn’t get any better than that.

If You’re a People Person…

Whether you pack and unpack the big rides or load the food trailers or operate the rides and games, working for a midway company will have you heavily involved with people. People are what the carnival is all about. So, if you enjoy meeting interesting people and seeing them smile, laugh and have a great time, then it’s hard to imagine a better place to work.

Food, Glorious Food!

It’s a big drawcard to the paying public. Working around the great aromas and tastes isn’t too bad, either. I could name 50 people inside two minutes who would want to work in an environment that includes those famous mini-donuts. J

Combine fresh air with hard work and you’ve got yourself a serious appetite. There’s deep fried treats, hotdogs, burgers, popcorn, funnel cakes, ice cream… I’d better stop there because now I’m hungry. It’s a good thing these things are right nearby. J

Rides and Games

This one is a no brainer. OK, so employees can’t ride and play whenever they feel like it, but rides and games make pretty great rewards for work done well. Then there’s times when maintenance and testing have to be carried out and… well… somebody has to help there. It’s tough work with great perks.

Feel free to ask more about working for a midway here in BC. Ask questions here or just call.

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