group outing ideas / bc spring carnivalDo you have a special event coming up and are racking your brain how to make it super fun? Are you searching for a great idea for your social group, your club, your company department, or even your sporting team? Group outings to pubs and restaurants are OK, but you want something that will really entertain and bond people.

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Popular Shooting Star Rides for BC’s 2017 Carnival SeasonWhat are your strongest memories of going to carnivals and fairs as a child? Whenever I ask people that question, their faces light up and they think back to a time of pure innocence and joy. Then the answers come. Some say the famous mini-donuts. Others recall the midway games and happy times in the great weather. But everyone, without exception, remembers their favourite amusement rides.

Whenever you think of a carnival, you think rides. As you approach one, the big rides are the very first things that come into view, generating excitement no matter how old you are.  Read More »

carnival attractions to try / bc summer carnivalsBelieve it or not, some people haven’t been to a summer carnival here in BC. Or at least they haven’t tried a carnival where Shooting Star sets up its midway.

Every year Shooting Star Amusements travels the province, bringing award winning carnival and midway fun. And, much to our pleasure, we get to meet the “first timers”. We couldn’t be happier to accommodate their first carnival experience.

Talking with them has revealed that the things they loved the most are the same things that everyone loves best.

If you’re heading to some BC summer carnivals where Shooting Star Amusements will be, here are some great carnival attractions to try if it’s your first or 200th time.

Ferris Wheel

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Visiting a Midway Carnival Keeps Everyone Young

carnival fun for all, carnival fun all agesA carnival is unique in its ability to elicit fun and enjoyment from people of all ages. Everyone goes to the carnival during childhood and the memories it implants are powerful images and feelings of being young. More importantly, when those memories are triggered, they are just as intense decades later and have the ability to transport people back to their earlier experiences, almost like being there.

It’s the feelings that are the key. Many experiences leave images in the memory, but few bring feelings with such potency and reality as a carnival.

The smell of popcorn and mini-donuts… the feel and taste of cotton candy on and in your mouth… the swirling sounds of midway games, buzzers, bells, barkers, laughter, rides and music… the anticipation before a ride begins and the feel of the restraints… the sudden drop in your stomach as you plunge…

See? You’re there already. You’re back in your childhood.

Carnival fun is truly for all ages. It’s definitely the fountain of your youth. Summer carnivals in BC are where you relive it all over again, for yourself and through the eyes of your own kids.  Read More »

Please join us in welcoming Boyd and Traci Newton to Shooting Star Amusements’ Management Team! We have known the Newton’s and their family for 17 years.

2015 Boyd and Traci Newton and family
We are delighted to have Boyd and Traci on board with our company. Their combined years of experience and close attention to quality and detail make them the perfect fit for Shooting Star Amusements! They both come from a long family history in the Carnival Business!

Boyd started in the Carnival business working at his Uncle’s food concession stands at the Oregon State Fair, at the age of 7. He has worked in the Carnival Industry in various capacities from food to games to rides and onto the Management of a traveling Carnival company. Boyd holds a BC Safety Authority Electrical Certificate of Qualification, Field Safety Representative Full Entertainment, and a Class 1 Drivers License. He has NDT Qualifications as a Level 2 Weld Inspector, and NAARSO (National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials) Ride Inspector Level 1. In addition, he also holds a Bachelor of Science and Business Administration degree and he is a talented builder of trailers and ticket booths!

Traci comes from a very long line of Carnival owners and operators. Her Great Uncle, Andy Anderson owned Rainer Shows out of Washington State. Her Grandparents and her parents were also involved in the business in various capacities. Traci’s Sister and Brother-in-Law, own Midway West Amusements, a carnival company located in Sun City, Arizona.

Traci’s brother Mitch Hoss and his Wife Crystal own Rainier Amusements out of Portland, Oregon.
Traci holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and became a licensed Insurance Agent for Allied Specialty Insurance. Traci wrote insurance policies for Carnivals, Festivals and Events and for Independent food and ride operators. Traci and Boyd both hold Food Safe certifications for BC and Alberta. Traci Managed the Office and employees of a traveling Carnival for over a decade. Traci was the President of the Northwestern Showmen’s Club in 2007, and they actively participate with the Club today.

Together, Boyd and Traci owned amusement games and operated a Carnival Unit for several years with Midway of Fun, out of California.

From 1999 until 2012, Boyd and Traci Managed and Operated one of the Units for West Coast Amusements.  In 2013, Boyd and Traci moved on to start their own Food Concession business, One Sweet World Company, which operated at large fairs and festivals across Canada and in the U.S. such as the Calgary Stampede and the PNE. Their top quality food concession business has won many awards at various fairs. You will see some of their delicious food products on our Midway this season!

Boyd and Traci will add generations of International experience and quality to our fast growing Midway Company. We are so happy to have Boyd and Traci join us and we know our clients and customers will be thrilled too!

Written by Brenda Medeiros, Shooting Star Amusements

I h2015 Janice  and Family Testminial Photoave been working for Shooting Star Amusements on and off for a few years. I love working with this company and I have the best job!

At Shooting Star, you get trained for multiple jobs.  Joe and Brenda try to match your skills with the different jobs and tasks needed.  I sell tickets, I help set up the games, I work in the office and I run errands.  I have even been trained to run a couple of the kiddie rides!

I enjoy photography so I am the show’s photographer too! What woman would not like to get paid to shop? I also get paid to do the shopping for the Company, but I love my ticket selling job the best. Through the window you can see out onto the Midway Read More »

When you get a new amusement ride you need a few things in place to add it to your Carnival Company. First you need Events and then you need capital to buy the rides and then trucks that tow them. Those are just a few of the stepping off points….

Then the fun begins…You need to decide what ride is best for your customers. There are some classic rides in the Carnival business that have been around for decades. They are still being manufactured and used in the Carnival and Fair business today because they are great rides! These are the Classic rides, the truly proven rides that appeal to families. Read More »

It’s almost that time again. On the Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Labour Day, Salmon Arm’s hive of activity is at the Fairgrounds. This traditionally agricultural fair has a tremendous family and community spirit, sure to please everyone. This year’s attractions and events are many and varied. They even include lawn tractor racing, performances by great entertainers, Shuswap Idol, exhibitions of the best the Shuswap region has to offer, and the 100th anniversary of the 4-H program in BC.

And of course, the carnival rides, games and concessions that no fair can do without.

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teenagers carnival ViexBragging Rights for Teenagers at the Carnival

The carnival provides the perfect venue for teenagers to have a great time safely and to show off as only teenagers can. They get to have fun with their friends or even spend time with a date.

Meanwhile, parents get peace of mind knowing their kids are in a secure environment where they won’t wander off and get into trouble. Read More »

carnivalOn a beautiful day, what could be better than spending a day at the Carnival? Treat your family to a day out, away from the computer and TV. Enjoy a day of family fun and laughter with a healthy dose of sunshine and fresh air.

A good Carnival has a wide range of rides and games for all members of the family. A well-organized amusement company will always have its professional, trained staff on hand at all times to make sure you have a good time and to ensure your safety.

Carnival Rides are Awesome

Let’s look at the rides for kids. These include the Train, the Helicopters, the Disney Bounce, the Barrel of Monkeys and the old favourite, the Merry-Go-Round. Your kids can have tons of fun while you enjoy watching them.  All rides have age or height limitations to ensure your child`s safety. This doesn’t mean your toddlers aren’t catered for.  Several rides allow Read More »