Calling all Carnival Companies – Wanna Fight?

May 1, 2012

1May-Ride-for-Life“If Life gives you Lemons – make Lemonade!” Look what happened when life gave Lemon Heaven a lot of lemons?

Have you ever wondered what you are supposed to make if Life gives you Cancer? How about a difference?

We challenge all Carnival Companies and anyone in BC and Canada who make a living in the Amusement Industry with their rides, games or food concessions to help us Fight Cancer. Use your carnival equipment to really make a difference and fight for positive change!

We are using our spectacular shiny Berry Go Round ride as our fundraising vehicle! We were so fortunate to have received two new Events in the month of May. We thought we would use the opportunity to fight back! We are raising money for the Relay for Life for Cancer.

In January 2010, I quit smoking for the 8th time. My Doctor was thrilled! “Never quit, quitting right? Eight times is the charm”, I told him. His reply, “Now stay off smoking for good! You aren’t a cat, you don’t have nine lives!”

I quit smoking for all the obvious reasons the first six times I tried. My real motivation for my eighth time was for my dear friend Dolores Saindon who lost her fight with Cancer last April. My seventh attempt to quit smoking was for my Dad who lost his fight with Lung Cancer on May 11, 2006. Shooting Star Amusements’ Ride for Life is how we are going to fight cancer this time. We do this in support of our friend Eva McRae and for all the families who are devastated by this horrible disease!

Our Carnival Company has supported and sponsored many BC Fairs and Festivals over the last decade. Personally we had no idea how difficult it was to raise money for Charity or a Non-Profit organization! Some of my “Facebook-friends” almost un-friended me on Facebook when I asked for their help!

ride-for-life-2If Eva can fight Cancer then we can walk a dozen hours all night, and use our Company`s good fortune to help contribute to a Berry Good Cause.

Would you like to help us? If you are not a Social Networker, or an expert Internet Shopper or Online Donator, we are accepting cheques or cash or piggy bank money at our Berry Go Round Ride or Midway ticket booth, during the month of May.

There is no need to roll the coin we can take care of that too! Bring your pennies from heaven, loose coin or donate your “shakes” that drop from the rides (Our Zipper ride crew are donating all their shakes and challenging the other shows to do the same).

Join us in May at any of our Events on the West Coast and Ride for Life on our Berry Go Round amusement ride. We will donate the proceeds for you!

First up is Port Coquitlam’s May Day Event or join in the fun as our Carnival returns to the Dasmesh Temple in Surrey BC, on May 19th to May 21st.

Little people make a difference! Our niece Jaenna (7) and nephew Mattais (6) took me on my first Berry Go Round Ride. They are so far our biggest fundraisers. Their Uncle Joe matched their donation and got $146 in total from two little people and they are still collecting and they think this is fun! How fabulous is that?

Our Midway Company will also be matching the money raised by our staff, and all the proceeds from our Berry Go Round Ride during the Month of May will be donated to this worthy cause.

Help us make a “Berry Big Difference” today. It’s as easy as buying a ticket to ride. You don’t even have to do a shift at the track in the Relay for Life, unless you want to join us, our Team “Eva’s Angels” will take care of that part!

We will add your name to our Website as our Hero and a supporter of a Berry Good Cause! Ride for Life, Fight the Fight!

You donation is tax deductible! You can use some of last year’s tax refund, don’t smoke for a day or a hundred days or ever and you can contribute your cigarette money = $10 a day for each day of May = $310! Breath clean air on your way to the fair, by walking instead of driving….use your fuel money and fight the fight! Whatever you can do will help!

We are participating in Relay For Life. Every step we take in the Relay will help the Canadian Cancer Society save lives, prevent cancer and deliver support to people living with cancer.

Please make a donation today. If you donate online through our personal fundraising page, your tax receipt will be sent instantly by email helping to reduce administrative and receipting costs.

Follow This Link to make a Berry Big Difference & Ride for Life and help us in our efforts to support the Canadian Cancer Society – in BC and the Yukon Division

Give to the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay For Life