The Most Popular Shooting Star Rides for BC’s 2017 Carnival Season

May 9, 2017

Popular Shooting Star Rides for BC’s 2017 Carnival SeasonWhat are your strongest memories of going to carnivals and fairs as a child? Whenever I ask people that question, their faces light up and they think back to a time of pure innocence and joy. Then the answers come. Some say the famous mini-donuts. Others recall the midway games and happy times in the great weather. But everyone, without exception, remembers their favourite amusement rides.

Whenever you think of a carnival, you think rides. As you approach one, the big rides are the very first things that come into view, generating excitement no matter how old you are. 

“That one is new this year! Cool!”

“I can’t wait to go on my favourite!”

“Oh, I remember riding that! It was scary but AWESOME!”

The 2017 spring and summer carnival season is here in BC and all of us at Shooting Star Amusements are making the rounds of the province, landing in some of the biggest and best festivals and fairs, from Victoria to Smithers to Rock Creek. Come and create memories, or relive your best ones, on our most popular rides.

Ferris Wheel

No carnival ride is more popular than the all-time classic Ferris Wheel. It simply isn’t a carnival without one. Think of a movie featuring a fair or carnival and you’ll see a Ferris Wheel. It might even be ours because it gets rented by plenty of movie companies.

The big wheel never fails to bring joy to people of all ages. Kids love going high above the ground. Adults love the views and the gentle speed of this ride. Even teenagers squeal and laugh at what they might otherwise consider a sedate attraction.

Everyone pulls out their phones for pictures on the Ferris Wheel. Everyone.

Come to one of our events this season and hop on our gorgeous Ferris Wheel. You’ll be treated to million dollar views that only British Columbia can provide. We always place it at the best vantage points. For example, you’ve never seen Okanagan Lake from our Ferris Wheel at the Penticton Peach Festival. We’re there every year; all you have to do is find us at the beach by the giant iconic peach.

Or check out the North Shore Mountains during the Point Grey Fiesta. Or unparalleled views of the ocean from Willows Park during the Oak Bay Tea Party. No matter where we go, our Ferris Wheel and other rides provide the most outstanding scenery

The Sizzler

Speaking of other rides, the Sizzler is our second favourite and it really lives up to its name. From the sidelines, it looks like a simple spinning pattern, but then you get on and feel like you’re being thrust into the watching crowds. There are some restrictions – you have to be at least 42” tall (accompanied by an adult) or over 51” to ride solo. It’s a classic that’s been around for years and everyone loves it. It’s even fine for more mature people to ride so they can relive their childhoods without feeling too giddy.

Bumper Cars

Who doesn’t have memories of the bumper cars? Who doesn’t want new ones? Everyone – without exception – beams from ear to ear and laughs hysterically as they crash and spin into others. On top of that, what better way to let out any frustrations you might have from regular driving? At many of our fairs and festivals, the Volunteer Directors and Fair Organizers wrap up the event in a Duel on the Bumper Cars!  In Quesnel, at Billy Barker Days, this has become tradition.

So Much More for All Ages

We don’t merely claim to have a ride for everyone. We DO!

If you love adrenaline or want to feel like you’re flying, there’s the Lightning Bolt, the Kamikaze, the Zipper, and Zero Gravity. If family rides are your thing, try the Tilt-A-Whirl. And for the kids, there’s always the Merry-Go-Round, the Berry-Go-Round, the Go-Gator Coaster, the Construction Zone, and many more.

It’s our immense privilege to bring these carnival and amusement rides to you and provide memories that truly last a lifetime. See you soon at a BC carnival and bring your smile!

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