9 Vital Tips for Enjoying Spring and Summer Carnivals in BC

May 1, 2017

spring and summer carnivals BCWhen a carnival arrives in your British Columbia town, you know your kids will not let you off the hook about taking them to it. You have to admit, though, a visit to a carnival in the spring or summer in BC is a great chance for the whole family to get outside and shake off the rainy weather blahs. If it’s the summer when school’s out, a day or two at a carnival can ease the pressure on you to come up with yet another activity that will keep the kids from dying of boredom.

If you do head to a spring or summer carnival anywhere in BC this year, we have some practical ideas for keeping everyone safe and reducing your stress in the crowds.

Plan Ahead

Carnival season for BC kicks off each year in April. For 2017, Shooting Star will be bringing its amazing midway to 17 locations across the province. Mark your calendar for when we come to your home town or your summer vacation spot. If you can make carnival time an annual thing, kids love that regularity and will get excited about the event as a tradition.

Be an Early Bird

Take advantage of any pre-event ticket sales. Shooting Star often offers early bird discounts on ticket packages and even wristbands for all-day riding. These will save you money as well as the hassle of paying for ride tickets separately and fumbling with change. Once you’re at a busy midway, you need simplicity.

Look for Restrictions

Before going, take a look at the rides and games that you and your family want to enjoy. Check carefully the age and height restrictions for each ride (these are for safety!) and let the kids know which rides may not be OK for them. You may hear some moaning and groaning, but for some families it’s better to have that discussion at home rather than at the venue.


Take public transit if you can. Don’t let street closures, traffic jams, and the frustration with finding a parking spot spoil your day. Using the bus lets you take everything in better and share the anticipation with everyone.

Safety, Safety, Safety

Talk to the kids about the importance of following safety rules. For instance, they should keep hands inside rides and face forward while riding. Same goes for waiting for attendants to let them out of safety gear. Most injuries that spoil a carnival day occur due to ignoring safety warnings.

Accompany younger kids on rides. Your presence can be reassuring and they will enjoy and remember this special time with you. 

Meal Schedule

You have a meal schedule at home, so do the same at the carnival. This kind of planning will also make it simpler to plan when to go on rides and when to take a break. Allow up to an hour after eating before going on rides. Nobody wants to deal with the unpleasantness of motion sickness! This would be a great time to try out the games and see the shows and other entertainment.

Be Prepared

Arrive with a fully charged phone, for starters. And take a necessities bag. While you can buy refreshing lemonade and cold pop, carrying extra water is a great idea for keeping everyone hydrated. Remember to pack sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and a few first aid items for scrapes. A really good idea is to bring music and headphones if anyone gets overwhelmed by the excitement.

Meeting Point

When you arrive, get a map. Even with mobile phones handy, establish a meeting point in case people get separated. For the younger ones, pin your cell phone number to their clothes or write it in ink on their arms. Tell your child it’s there.  While in the ride lineups, teach your kids your telephone number. Not only does it pass the time, but it will be fresh in their minds.  Our ticket booth has two way radios, cell phones and is a central location to meet up with lost children.  If your child becomes separated from you, 90% of the time, you can find them at the last place you saw them.  Do everything you can in advance to minimize potential confusion, anxiety, and meltdowns.

Last But Not Least… (h2)

Be watchful but stay relaxed! Bring your smile! Take in the joy your kids experience. You – and they – will remember these moments forever.

See you at the amazing carnivals lined up throughout spring and summer 2017 in BC!

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