I h2015 Janice  and Family Testminial Photoave been working for Shooting Star Amusements on and off for a few years. I love working with this company and I have the best job!

At Shooting Star, you get trained for multiple jobs.  Joe and Brenda try to match your skills with the different jobs and tasks needed.  I sell tickets, I help set up the games, I work in the office and I run errands.  I have even been trained to run a couple of the kiddie rides!

I enjoy photography so I am the show’s photographer too! What woman would not like to get paid to shop? I also get paid to do the shopping for the Company, but I love my ticket selling job the best. Through the window you can see out onto the Midway Read More »

Rob Gunn, Lot Manager – Written July 2015

Rob GunnI worked for Shooting Star until the spring of this year.  Almost 10 years. You have to really have a passion for the business and the people to stay for so many years.

I have always enjoyed the people and seeing the happy kids. I think we all thrive on the adrenaline we get when we set up and tear down. I always enjoyed the travel and playing new events. Read More »