Squeels of Deals

SSA-10-Year-Anniversary-Logo-150x150“So…What’s New?”

As a Carnival Company we are always asked “What’s New?” Each year we add something new to our Carnival Midway, but it’s not always something to ride. It does take a long time to build a Carnival from scratch. If you were to Google how much it costs to buy a new ride, I am sure you would be shocked to see just how much they cost.

In our Ten year history we have done some growing up and had our fair share of the ups and downs of any thrilling roller coaster ride! When asked, “What’s New?” We can answer well, a new amusement ride, or a new amusement game or some new and interesting fair food.
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Leigh-Square-Train-300x176Many years ago a small number of our Carnival Rides were set up at Leigh Square in Port Coquitlam. In those years there was only room for five carnival rides tucked into the square and down the back alleys of Leigh Square in Port Coquitlam, BC. After the parade was over, we saw many families come and enjoy our whimsical kiddie rides.

Just down the road at the arena West Coast Amusements had their Carnival rides set up for the PoCo May Days Celebration weekend. This was quite a unique situation in the Amusement Industry. It’s very rare for two Amusement Companies to work in two locations just a block away from each other — rare but certainly not impossible.
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SSA-10-Year-Anniversary-Logo-150x150Want Cheap Rides? How about this? TEN YEARS – TEN DOLLARS! What Carnival Company does that? Let’s go back to 2002 when the Dasmesh Gurdwara Darbar Vaishaki Ride Wristbands were offered for only $10 Dollars in Surrey, BC.

Join us as we take our Time Machine back ten years, and offer our All Day Ride Passes for just $10 on the opening day of Shooting Star Amusements’ 10th Carnival Season which begins on Thursday April 12, 2012

Enjoy the carnival rides and games in Surrey, BC at the best Carnival Ride Prices of the year!
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