Hyack Festival Family Days Carnival Update

April 27, 2012

Hyack-Arenex-300x225Shooting Star Amusements has participated in the Hyack Festival for the last ten years and our family and employees were participants for 15 additional years before that while we partnered with Castle Amusements. We had been looking forward to celebrating with the people of New Westminster again in this, the 10th Season of our Carnival Company.

The field in Queen’s Park which was traditionally used for the Hyack Festival Family Days Celebration was revamped last year and artificial turf was installed which made the location no longer viable for use as festival fair grounds for Amusement Rides.

While we worked fervently with the organizers of the Hyack Festival trying to find an alternative location for the Carnival Rides and Games over the last several months, we have finally hit a brick wall and were unable to secure a location for this year’s Hyack Festival Carnival.

Katelynn-waves-goodbye-300x225On behalf of all of us at Shooting Star Amusements, we would like to thank all of the Volunteer Directors who donate hundreds of hours of their own time to the Hyack Festival Family Days Community Event which was traditionally held in Queens Park, New Westminster for the last two plus decades.

We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of such a great traditional event, and we are deeply disappointed that no matter what mountains we collectively tried to move, we could not find a suitable location for our Carnival Rides and Games to continue on with the tradition of Family Days with the Hyack Festival.

We extend our appreciation to the New Westminster Parks Department and the City of New Westminster for your help over the last twenty or more years. We would also like to thank the many Executive Directors who have worked with us to make the Hyack Family Days Festival a worthwhile community event.

We wish you all great success with the rest of your Event in the community of New Westminster.

To our cherished Midway customers, we invite you to come and enjoy the rides at our other Carnival locations in the lower mainland

Port Coquitlam May Days May 11 – 13th,

Point Grey Fiesta in Vancouver June 22 – 24th

Surrey’s Canada Day Celebration on July 1st in Millennium Park near the Cloverdale Rodeo and Fair Grounds in Surrey, BC.

Thank you everyone for so many wonderful years!