Summer in BC

I h2015 Janice  and Family Testminial Photoave been working for Shooting Star Amusements on and off for a few years. I love working with this company and I have the best job!

At Shooting Star, you get trained for multiple jobs.  Joe and Brenda try to match your skills with the different jobs and tasks needed.  I sell tickets, I help set up the games, I work in the office and I run errands.  I have even been trained to run a couple of the kiddie rides!

I enjoy photography so I am the show’s photographer too! What woman would not like to get paid to shop? I also get paid to do the shopping for the Company, but I love my ticket selling job the best. Through the window you can see out onto the Midway Read More »

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Whether traveling, camping or just chilling at home, BC families have always loved going to summer carnivals. The summer break may be more than half over, but the carnival fun is really heating up.

Vancouver Island Exhibition (VIEX) in Nanaimo, August 15-17, 2014

This Fair offers fantastic rides and games for the whole family. Enjoy the thrill of the Kamikaze, Zipper or Zero Gravity. The younger kids can have loads of fun on the Merry-Go-Round, Go-Gator Coaster or the Helicopters and more!

This year VIEX is celebrating it’s 120th Anniversary! The event promises to be extra special. Some of the new attractions are:-

  • Vesta Entertainment. This band of roving circus entertainers will be sure to bring delight to adults and kids of all ages.
  • Boom Town. This show features re-enactments of several famous Wild West shootouts and is a fun event that the whole family can enjoy. Expect to see lots of action and fabulous costumes.

The ferry ride across to Vancouver Island is just a part of the fun experience of going to the VIEX and presents spectacular views, especially in summer. Kids always love being out on the open deck.

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2012 Surrey Canada DayThe summer months give you and your family a chance to spend time outdoors and soak up some sunshine. There are always plenty of  Summer activities in BC for everyone to enjoy.

Why not treat your family to a day at the carnival?

Enjoy Canada Day in Surrey

Mark your calendar on July 1st to enjoy our Carnival at Surrey’s Canada Day event. We will be at the Cloverdale Millennium Amphitheatre Park, opening at 10 a.m. Be sure to bring the whole family for a fabulous day of fun. There will be a full carnival, with Spectacular Thrill Rides, Family Rides and Kiddie Rides.  Check out the Euro Bungee and why not be a human Water Ball?  Try the Walk on Water attraction too!  To top it off, there will be a huge fireworks display to celebrate Canada’s special day. Read More »