Salmon Arm Fair Prize Book Contest Winners

September 7, 2012

2012-Salmon-Arm-Contests-61One of the most delightful jobs I have in the Carnival Business is to see all the incredible art and literature done by the children and youth in the Shooting Star Amusements’ Sponsored Contests at the Fairs. It is equally as difficult to pick only one winner in each category!

When you see these works of art, it is obvious the kids put in such tremendous effort to create these masterpieces. It makes me happy to know they are thinking of the fair and the Carnival rides, games and treats the whole time they are crafting or writing their stories.

After much deliberation, I could only pick one first place winner in each category. All the entries were so good I could have given all of them First Place ribbons! The creations at the Salmon Arm Fair were some of the best we saw all year!

Please take the time to find the Shooting Star Amusements Contest Entries in the Hall at the Salmon Arm Fair. Look for the Star Balloon Bouquets hovering over the entries. I promise you all the exhibits and entries in the Hall are incredible and worth seeing. Its so wonderful to see the old fashioned fall fair traditions continuing to thrive in a modern fast paced world.

Thank you to everyone for your contributions to your Fair. Thanks to the kids for the efforts and the parents who encourage the artists in all children.

Marshmallow Creations

2012-Salmon-Arm-Contests-23Age 4 to 8
1st Place: Conner Kociuba
2nd Place: Eli Woldringh
3rd Place: Tony Belec

Age 9 – 12
1st Place: Natasha Kociuba
2nd Place: Christian Parmentor
3rd Place: Eve Lucey

Colouring Contest

1st Place: Jessie Parmenter
2nd Place: Julie Reed
3rd Place: Evan Reed

Decorate A Carousel Horse

Age: 6-10
1st Place: Eli Woldringh
2nd Place: Faye Lucey
3rd Place: Kierra Bubola

Age: 11-17
1st Place: McKenzie Wordringh
2nd Place: Eve Lucey
3rd Place: Aspen Ambler

Write a Story About the Fair

Age: 6-10
1st Place: Aspen Ambler
2nd Place: Chloe Latosky
3rd Place: Jessica Roodzant

Age: 11-17
1st Place: Rachel Bates
2nd Place: Mark Parmelter
3rd Place: Jennifer Belec