New Attractions! Water Racer Fun

December 15, 2012

Our Carnival Company has a long History in BC, and things always come full circle it seems. We started in the Carnival business in the mid 1970’s when Playland (PNE) was owned by a Company called Burrard Amusements. We later traveled with West Coast Amusements and started an Amusement Game Company called JBM Enterprises.

Several years later we joined Castle Amusements with our Game Company and later purchased five Amusement Rides. When the Watson’s wanted to retire we had the opportunity to buy their Carnival Company entirely – Now this was scary…and a real leap of faith.

While we were working at the PNE with our Amusement Games we had the great pleasure to meet Howard Hoss of S & H Concessions. I became very fond of Howard, he was a true Showman. We would meet for Tea each night during the PNE, and talk about the Business, share laughs and jokes.

One day while walking down the Midway at the PNE, I told Howard we had the opportunity to buy a Carnival – the whole Carnival! I told him we were pretty scared to take such a huge step, we would have to leave our full time jobs and take the risk. Howard said to me, “Brenda, opportunities like this only come along once in a lifetime, you should take it”. We have never looked back since! Thanks Howard!


Try the All New Water Gun Racer on the Shooting Star Amusements Midway!

I tell this story because of the full circle; it’s not just the rides that go around and around. Carnivals are made up of many attractions. What would a Carnival be without Games?

It was a such a great opportunity to buy our Water Racer Game directly from S & H Concessions owned by the Hoss family and my late friend Howard. The Hoss’s are genuine “Show” people, a family with a great long history in the Carnival Business.

We have come to enjoy the interaction with the Shooting Star Amusements’ fans who try to guess what we are up to next. We ran a Contest on our Facebook page with a Prize of two all day ride passes, which could be used at any of our events on our route.

All you had to do is be the first one to guess the News. It only took a set of four clues to get to a winner! This time the contest was won by Christina Clare of Penticton BC who may very well use the passes as a stocking stuffer now for rides during the Penticton Peach Festival.

Oh, right…so what’s the News? We purchased a 14 Player Top Glo Water Racer Game made by the Bob’s Space Racer Company. It’s a beautiful, bright fully lit, top quality attraction for our cherished customers. You can sit down on the stools, rest your feet and squirt a water gun in a race against your family and friends to win the coveted Prize!

After so many requests from our Customers for a Water Racer, now Shooting Star Amusements owns their very own Water Racer Game!

It was such a pleasure and very rare to buy something locally. Most of our equipment is purchased from the other side of Canada or as far away as the Southern United States. It was so nice to just drive 15 minutes away to pick it up!

Thank you Mitch, Chris and my late old friend Howard Hoss for making this transaction so easy. It is a rare occasion these days that you can make a deal with great faith and a handshake.

Merry Christmas to our Customers and the Hoss Family. We hope you join us for a Happy New Year on our Midway! Stay tuned for more News…..