Oak Bay Tea Party Memories

March 31, 2012

Parade-Trucks-300x208The Last Decade – My Favorite Carnival Memory
Through the Looking Glass – going back to the first year Shooting Star Amusements played at the Oak Bay Tea Party in 2007.

It is a rare occasion when all of our Carnival Rides and Games get to an event all at once! Our trucks usually arrive at staggered times.

Our First Year at the Oak Bay Tea Party, our entire Carnival was on the same Ferry going to Victoria. As a result we all traveled towards Willows Park in what looked like our own parade. One truck after the other, we toured through downtown Victoria and on through the quiet neighborhoods towards Willows Park.

Although I have a commercial Drivers License and could drive a Semi-Tractor/Trailer, pulling a carnival ride, I prefer to drive a pick-up truck and a travel trailer. There is nothing about the unit I drive that screams out “The Carnival is Here!” However on that day in 2007, I was nestled in-between the rides and game trailers. I had now become part of the Shooting Star Amusements “Parade”. The Sizzler ride was in front of me and the Berry Go Round behind.

As I drove along, I started to notice the magic of what we do. Along the streets people were waving and honking at us all the way to the park. Our convoy of trucks slowed to a stop as we carefully proceed to load onto the field in Willows Park. Who knew at that precise moment I would be about to have one of the most profound moments of my entire career?

I opened my window and I could hear horns honking. In the distance I could hear cheering and screaming. As I got closer I saw the welcoming committee of elementary school children anxiously waving and screaming with such vigor and excitement.

Squeels-of-Delight-218x300The school was on lunch break and the kids were all outside in the playground. All of a sudden out of nowhere on this sleepy little street, is the Shooting Star Amusements Parade! These elementary school kids know what that means! In just a couple of days the rides would be open and the Celebration of the Oak Bay Tea Party would begin.

I will never forget those excited little faces waving and cheering us on. For me, this was my own personal five minutes of fame, from the best fans in the entire world! Who gets cheered on by five year old’s? We do!

As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary this year, the Oak Bay Tea Party turns 50! Enjoy the little and big rides, and fun galore! We will be open until 10:00pm on Saturday night this year! Don’t miss it June 2nd and 3rd!

Brenda Medeiros, Shooting Star Amusements