Bragging Rights for Teenagers at the Carnival

July 31, 2014

teenagers carnival ViexBragging Rights for Teenagers at the Carnival

The carnival provides the perfect venue for teenagers to have a great time safely and to show off as only teenagers can. They get to have fun with their friends or even spend time with a date.

Meanwhile, parents get peace of mind knowing their kids are in a secure environment where they won’t wander off and get into trouble.

Teenage Independence

The great thing is you can take your teenagers with you to the carnival or you can drop them off. Even when you are not with them, you know where they are. It’s not like they’re roaming the streets wondering what to do. There’s so much to stimulate and excite them.

Giving them some independence, or letting them have some time with a boyfriend or girlfriend, is very important. At the carnival, they can choose to hang around with Mom and Dad, or they can do their own thing safely. How many places can you say that about?

Teenagers LOVE the Big Rides!

The big rides are guaranteed to give teenagers a huge adrenaline rush. Try some of these:-

  • The Kamikaze. This crazy ride is like a giant pendulum that swings you backwards and forwards and does a few inversions, too.
  • The Zipper. This ever-popular ride swings and flips you around while exposing you to some awesome G-forces.
  • Zero Gravity. Experience the sensation of centrifugal force as this ride spins around and pushes you flat against a wall.

Don’t forget the Ferris Wheel. Many parents remember being teenagers and how fun it was to hold hands with a date during this ride. Or even to steal a first kiss.

The Fun Carnival Gamesteenagers at the carnival

Kids in their teens can get competitive and the carnival lets them mix laughter and competition together. There’s also a chance to impress friends or a date.

Water gun games are loads of fun and can be played individually or in teams. Throwing games not only test accuracy and timing, the winner gets bragging rights.

For the guys who want to show off their strength, there’s the hammer game. You know… hit a plate at the base of a tower with enough force to shoot a puck up to strike the bell at the top.

There are so many other games that test skills and offer prizes… balloon darts, ring or ball tossing, and more. Win prizes for a date or BFF.

The Carnival Provides Safety For All

Safety is the biggest priority for a midway company. All equipment is inspected every day by certified mechanics and electricians.

At each ride, a professional is on hand to take everyone through the safety precautions like securing themselves properly, staying seated during the ride’s operation, and waiting for it to stop before getting off.

During the off-season, the equipment undergoes major maintenance. Everything is checked thoroughly, and adjustments or repairs are made wherever necessary, to ensure rides are always in tip-top condition.

If your teenagers need something to do, the carnival is great. Nobody ever outgrows the fun. Even the Moms and Dads can relive their memories while getting some couple time.


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