Carnival Games: “I Want the Prize!”

July 14, 2014

“I Want to Fish for a Gator!” 

Shooting Star - Fish Pond 4  Have you ever fished for alligators?  You know, where you use a pole to lower a hook or magnet and pull   something out of the pond?  Well how about if you could  catch an alligator, and claim a prize? Or maybe  just dig  right in and catch a duck! For many of us to fish for any  prize is a lasting childhood memory and a tradition at  the carnival.


2013 Quesnel Elsa's Visit (21)



Probably my favourite moment at any carnival is seeing a very small child catch fish and, being too young to understand how the prize system works, they want to keep the fish or the duck as the prize! Makes me smile every time.


Kids and Carnivals Go Together Like Cotton and Candy

cotton candy kids pgx



A carnival is a wonderland for kids. Really, a carnival isn’t a carnival without them. Cotton candy, mini-donuts, sunny weather and rides wouldn’t be the same. Children have loads of fun with all the games, and parents get a huge thrill seeing their young ones beaming with excitement.

Now that the kids are out of school for the summer, check out the upcoming events in your community that cater for kids. There is sure to be a fair coming to your neck of the woods.




 Carnival Kids’ Games

Relive your own childhood memories by watching your kids play the old favourites:-

tubs toss russ picture

  • Fishing. The one mentioned above is designed especially for smaller kids. They fish for plastic goldfish or gators, or pluck a duck out of the water. Each duck or alligator has a hidden label to show the prize they win, so your child wins something every time.
  • Tossing. Toss a ball into a tub to win a prize, trade up to get the big ones!
  • Balloon popping. Throw darts to pop balloons and win a prize.

Fun Zone - Balloons

Sometimes, I think the Moms and Dads have more fun than the children. Be sure to have your camera with you so you can cherish the memories for years to come. Want a family photo but a selfie won’t do?  We can help with that.  Ask our operators to take your picture!

Carnival Games Safety and Security 

On our Midway games our staff are trained to look out for an upset wandering child.  We have procedures in place to find lost children and reunite them with lost parents.  Our staff are trained to watch out for everyone’s safety and security. Every lost child found on our midway has been reconnected with their lost parents.

A good tip:

Pin your cell phone number and an alternate phone number to your child’s shirt and tell the child it’s there. This saves a lot of time if your child is lost. You may also want to write your phone number on the child’s hand or arm if the child is unable to tell our staff where to look for your phone number.  We have a public PA system in the event a child or parents are lost.  See our Safety & Fun tips for more information to keep your day at the Carnival fun filled.

Our rides are inspected daily before they are open to the public by our dedicated trained employees.  Our amusement rides are also inspected by the Provincial Safety Authority each year before they are open to the public.  Our rides are maintained by a licensed electrician/millwright who also happens to be one of the owners of our carnival!  You can rest assured knowing everything has been done by carnival management to see that you and your kids enjoy a wonderful day of fun and games.

Of course, if your children have difficulty going to sleep that night after all the excitement and delicious treats… well, we’ve all been there, right? All totally worth it.

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