Want Free Rides? Play our Facebook Contests

May 13, 2011

facebook_iconWebBackground-150x150Why not “Like Us” on Facebook?  Did you know we run Facebook Contest regularly so our Fans can win free ride tickets to use on our Midway?

Did you also know that you don’t always have to be a member of Facebook to win those prizes?  We often allow you to answer the questions through our website.  But you have a much better chance of being first if you “Like us” on Facebook.

You can win Free rides, free all day Ride passes and other free stuff to use on our Midway?  It doesn’t cost you a single cent to try either.  In fact, the more times you try the contests the more times your name is entered into the Draw for our Grand Prize at the end of the year.  For the last two years, we have given away a trip for two to Disneyland!  2012’s Grand Prize will be announced soon!  Find us on Facebook for more details

Want another Tip?  You can also win free rides on site at our events.  Just look for the Trivia lady (that’s me, one of the owners of our Carnival) and I love to give free rides, games, and other cool trinkets away when you place on site Random Shooting Star Trivia.

Want another Tip?  Attend the parades at the fairs we play and look for the Shooting Star Amusements “Float” – we give out tons of free ride tickets and other trinkets on our parade  route too!

We believe there should be an opportunity for everyone to come to the Carnival – even if they can’t afford it!  We don’t want anyone to miss out!

All we ask is that you remember our Company name, and expect us to be different – because we are.  ….That’s the trick and the catch – pretty easy I think.  It’s the skill testing question we ask before we give you the prizes – so study up!  We are the only Carnival company who does this…so how hard is it to remember our name?

YOU ARE THE STARS of Shooting Star Amusements and we are always grateful for your loyalty to our company!