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I h2015 Janice  and Family Testminial Photoave been working for Shooting Star Amusements on and off for a few years. I love working with this company and I have the best job!

At Shooting Star, you get trained for multiple jobs.  Joe and Brenda try to match your skills with the different jobs and tasks needed.  I sell tickets, I help set up the games, I work in the office and I run errands.  I have even been trained to run a couple of the kiddie rides!

I enjoy photography so I am the show’s photographer too! What woman would not like to get paid to shop? I also get paid to do the shopping for the Company, but I love my ticket selling job the best. Through the window you can see out onto the Midway Read More »

carnivalOn a beautiful day, what could be better than spending a day at the Carnival? Treat your family to a day out, away from the computer and TV. Enjoy a day of family fun and laughter with a healthy dose of sunshine and fresh air.

A good Carnival has a wide range of rides and games for all members of the family. A well-organized amusement company will always have its professional, trained staff on hand at all times to make sure you have a good time and to ensure your safety.

Carnival Rides are Awesome

Let’s look at the rides for kids. These include the Train, the Helicopters, the Disney Bounce, the Barrel of Monkeys and the old favourite, the Merry-Go-Round. Your kids can have tons of fun while you enjoy watching them.  All rides have age or height limitations to ensure your child`s safety. This doesn’t mean your toddlers aren’t catered for.  Several rides allow Read More »