NEW! Construction Zone Plows Into Our Midway

April 19, 2016

As all of our fans know, we here at Shooting Star Amusements always strive to bring you new and exciting things every season. That includes our midway games and the tantalizing fair food we offer (and 2016 sees us debut the Deep Fried Treats Stand!). When you arrive at one of the many places where we’ll be providing amusements throughout 2016, keep your eyes peeled for a new kids’ ride that the parents can ride too!

We are delighted to add the Construction Zone ride to our collection. For your young builders, BC carnival rides just got even more fun.

Fun is the Name of the Game

We want to have the best carnival rides in BC for the whole family to enjoy. We love to hear your wails of delight when the “Zipper” starts to  flip and shake. We crave seeing smiling faces running through the “Barrel of Monkeys”. From the “Bumper Cars” to the “Lil Farm”, we want everyone to be satisfied.

Now, your little go-getters can put on their hard hats and tool belts for some serious fun in the “Construction Zone”!

Big Fun for Small People

The Construction Zone is a fun circle chase ride where six dump trucks seemingly “race” around the track against each other. It’s no secret that kids love rides that make them feel empowered as well as excited, and what could feel more empowering than being in charge of their very own dump truck?  Every rider gets to drive!  Every truck looks much like the real thing – with a little whimsy and character thrown in – right down to the tires. There are even mirrors so your little Trucker can see who’s behind them.  Even the exterior of the ride resembles a construction site. The background is full of buildings, drivers, and a cast of cartoonish characters and animals to make things even more whimsical.

This ride really brings back the wonder and adventure of childhood and I can see it again through the eye of a child because I get to ride too!   What child doesn’t, at some point, imagine driving a big truck? With this new ride, they don’t have to play in the sandbox with toy vehicles. Now they can ride them – without the sand and mess, of course.

A Safe Construction Zone

Just like a real construction zone needs safety as priority number one, so it goes with our new ride and your little workers. We take great care when acquiring new rides to add to our carnival attractions.  The Construction Zone grabs their attention as soon as they approach the ride. The bright sign against a backdrop of yellow and black tape tells them immediately what this ride is about and teaches them about safety hazard signage.

Meanwhile, our maintenance experts check each ride every day. Shooting Star is a family business and we treat your family as if it’s ours.

Come See Us In…

Click here for our full 2016 schedule so you can find an event near you and check out our New Construction Zone ride!

We are so thrilled to include this immersive ride that will really bring out children’s creative spirit.

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