Five Attractions to Try at Shooting Star Amusements for First Timers

August 26, 2016

carnival attractions to try / bc summer carnivalsBelieve it or not, some people haven’t been to a summer carnival here in BC. Or at least they haven’t tried a carnival where Shooting Star sets up its midway.

Every year Shooting Star Amusements travels the province, bringing award winning carnival and midway fun. And, much to our pleasure, we get to meet the “first timers”. We couldn’t be happier to accommodate their first carnival experience.

Talking with them has revealed that the things they loved the most are the same things that everyone loves best.

If you’re heading to some BC summer carnivals where Shooting Star Amusements will be, here are some great carnival attractions to try if it’s your first or 200th time.

Ferris Wheel

Is there anything more enchanting than gliding sedately above a carnival? That goes double when you have gorgeous  BC scenery in the background. The ultimate memory-making carnival attraction to try is the Ferris Wheel. Feel the warm summer sun or the crisp coolness of twilight on your face. If you’re not keen to go on the adrenaline-pumping thrill rides, this is a great way to get started.

Mini Donuts

From the shores of the Pacific to the border with Alberta, one of BC’s most iconic summer time treats and carnival staples is mini donuts.

If you have never stood there watching the glorious donut machine fry up some heavenly temptations, only to be topped off with cinnamon sugar, then get to a carnival midway immediately and prepare for culinary ecstasy.

Barrel of Monkeys

Many of us parents have often called our children monkeys because of the energetic mischief they get up to. Why not test that theory out by watching them go through the Barrel of Monkeys attraction?  It’s a great way to play with the kids and make outstanding memories.  Enjoy watching them Zoom down the slide then through the rotating barrel, and at the end we’ll see who’s laughing. We bet it’s everyone!

“Think Sweet” Truck

After all that monkeying around, you and the family will probably be a little hungry. Seeing as the carnival is a great excuse for indulgence, it’s no wonder our Think Sweet – Deep Fried Treats concession is so popular.

From churros to deep fried Oreos, there is no better way to get your sweet and savoury fix this summer.

Just don’t forget to share.

Balloon Pop Game

Any marksmen in the family? Even if the answer is no, Balloon Pop is one of the most time honoured and fun games where you can win a prize every time you play – trade them up for bigger prizes.

How does it work? Easy! You simply throw darts at a wall of balloons and pop them to win prizes.

So, there you have it – carnival attractions to try at the many summer carnivals in BC this summer and fall and next year as well. We’ll see you there!

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