Go Green


Shooting Star is “Going Green”

Our Company is taking aggresive steps to become more environmentally friendly.

Our Midway is designated Non-Smoking. Making our Midway safe and healthy for all visitors.  We do offer designated smoking areas away from the Midway for our smoking guests.
We recycle bottles and cans. We have blue recycle boxes beside every garbage receptacle on our Midway.  This reduces the space in our landfills, reuses recyclable containers and at the same time, it provides a fundraising opportunity for service groups at our fairs and festivals.

Go Green” Initiatives for Shooting Star for 2010 and the future

Gen-Set-B-Train-with-text-300x129We have added a more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly Gull Wing Generator to power our Show for 2010.  This generator was custom designed to our specifications.  Although this  is a larger and more powerful generator it is more fuel efficient than our smaller generators.  It meets the Tier 3 EPA requirements for a much cleaner burning Diesel engine.   This generator is also capable of running on Bio-Diesel.  Our new “silent” generator will also reduce noise pollution.  This  generator was custom ordered to be trained.   Which means it can be towed behind an exisiting carnival load such as the Sizzler ride, which already goes down the road.   This will vastly reduce fuel costs and emissions while still allowing  for future growth in our Company.

Reducing Energy Consumption with New Lighting. We are changing our existing lighting to LED or Fluorescent wherever possible. This summer check out the Zipper, Lightening Bolt, and the Sizzler which will be completely relit with LED’s.  This brighter and more energy efficient lighting requires 90% less energy than incandescent lighting while adding an even brighter sparkle to our show.

Products we currently recycle:  Tires, cardboard, plastic bottles, steel, aluminum and other metals., toner and ink cartridges, office paper is shredded and used for compost returning it back to the earth.  Shredded paper is a great alternative to using leaves to add carbon to the compost pile.   Our Mini Donut Operator recycles the oil used for cooking Mini Donuts,  which is then used as Bio Diesel!  In our office we shred and reuse paper whenever we can.

Going Green In Our Office

What role can you play to help us reuse, reduce or recycle?

We have changed our office lighting to fluorescent light bulbs! Change a light bulb! Replacing one regular light bulb with a compact will save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.

We carpool our employees in a 15 passenger Van which also tows our Merry Go Round Ride! – You’ll save one pound of carbon dioxide for every mile you don’t drive! Walk to your Fair or use transit!

We use rechargeable batteries and energy efficient light bulbs.   Our office equipment has energy saving features.  We purchase office supplies whenever possible made from recycled materials.    We shred used paper and recycle it for compost!  Did you know paper adds the carbon element required for successful composting when leaves are not readily available!

Wherever possible we distribute documents electronically rather than printing them!  We include this wording on all of our electronic correspondence –  “Please Consider the Environment before Printing this emal”.   We also include a link to our Go Green Page of our website to increase awareness!

When printing drafts – we save the paper for kids for craft projects or we use it for scrap paper or we use both both sides of the paper.

Products our Partners  Recycle

Lemon Heaven Goes Green on our Midway!  They start with freshly squeezed lemons.  All 741ml cups & lids are compostable and the straws are bio-degradable.  The plastic is made from Corn.  Hand and Dishsoap used in the booth are bio-degradable.  Paper towel used in the booth is Recycled paper.