Employee Testimonial – by Rob Nickerson

July 27, 2015

Halifax for the blog

I met Joe and Brenda in Penticton, BC at the Peach Festival in 2006. It was my first visit out West. When I got the job I was unsure if it was for me, but I could travel to places I have never been before and get paid for it! What did I have to lose? My travels with Shooting Star have been worth every single minute!

My first year, I carried on with them to Prince George, Smithers and all the way up to the North West Territories! It was pretty good to have my 25th birthday in Yellowknife, NWT, with Joe and Brenda and Shooting Star Amusements.

I spent some time traveling on my own through Calgary, learning a trade. Then it was off to Europe for more travel adventures. I winded up back at home in Halifax.  Although I was away from the Carnival for a few years, I kept in touch with Brenda and Joe.

Rob NickersonLast year, I had some personal losses at home.  I needed to get away back to the West, and back to the fun of the carnival. I have always been welcomed back to work with Shooting Star with open arms!

I have been away from home for a year now, the longest time away in my life!  I am completing my first full season with Shooting Star Amusements and having a great time.

I couldn’t be happier, I love my job,  I get to “play” for a living.