Once again I just want to express our sincere thanks for the excellent show you brought here to Trail. We have heard nothing but great comments from everyone. The most common comment about the Midway was the cleanliness, brightness and the professionalism in which your staff conducted themselves. The RCMP have also brought to Council’s attention tonight, how pleased they were with Shooting Star and their employees. The entire week without any incidents involving the Midway or its staff. You guys truly delivered on what you promised. Looking forward to next year. Take care.

Sandy Santori

I am so impressed by the staff at Shooting Star. We have worked together for many years now and every year you impress us as a community. On Saturday night, I was with 2 friends at the Dumbo kids ride. Their crew filled the ride with 5-year-olds and the operator "Quassey" was great. Then on the Sunday, just as the rides were closing, I saw this guy reach out to a Mom with 2 little kids. He made their day by giving these 2 little girls one more ride. It's moments like this that create magic in people's mind. This morning, as I hosted the EZ Rock morning show, I gave you all a shout out. Then later, Janice from Shooting Star called me to say thank you. She had the radio on, loves our music, and heard me compliment the staff just as you were all pulling out of town. In her eyes, it was a wonderful moment to know that carnival staff are appreciated. Salmon Arm loves the job you do and we look forward to seeing you all again next year. Have fun in ROCK CREEK next weekend and travel safe! - Patrick Ryley

Wonderful customer shares their story on air at EZ Rock

We went to your venue while we were in Penticton this week for holidays and I have to tell you that the people running the rides were FANTASTIC! We have a 5 year old grandson with cerebral palsy and they were so kind and patient to him. His favourite ride was absolutely the bumper cars and his favourite game was the fishing game where he won 2 prizes. Thanks so much for allowing him to have fun like all the other little kids his age!!

Connie Hillsebeck-Collins

What's it like to Work at the Carnival?

4:30 a.m. the alarm goes off and my Mom tells me it's time. I slowly get up and head towards the suitcase waiting at the bedroom door. I get into the Van knowing I'm off to start a new adventure - a new place, new faces and new experiences. Never knowing exactly what to expect, silence and calming moments take the nervousness away. 5:30 a.m. I arrive at Brenda and Joe's Amazing Acres and I realize I'm surrounded by a second family and I'm at ease. The job, despite the early mornings becomes worth it again. I could have never imagined exactly what the people did to provide an amazing experience for others until lived. Every day we wake u2011 Josie Warriner Testimonialp put smiles on our face and off to work we go. Every event has new experiences; new things to appreciate and other new adventures begin. One thing that remains the same is the frequent question I get asked, "How is it working for a carnival?"   My reply is simple, "To see what it's like, you'd need a camera at every end of the park to capture every magical moment.” A smile appears and a "thank you very much" comes about. Then I know my job as a ride operator was done well.

Written by Josie Warriner

By Josie Warriner

Hi there! My name is Megan Steele. Instead of telling you about my first billy barker days with shooting star amusements id like to tell you about my sons! At age 2 (almost 3). His name is Bryson Liam Joseph tousignant! Our fisrt year he was finally big enough to go on the kiddy rides! As excited as I was for him he was a lil hesitant at first. So I had to join him on the ride. After he was thrilled and didn't want to stop. We then enjoyed some delicious food. The chicken Caesar wraps are my favourite. An treated him to some cotton candy while enjoying the music from the stage. This was also kids day in the park and he got to do many wonderful things thanks to all the volunteers! About 3pm came around and was time to get him out of the sun as much as he didn't want to leave. So after a small afternoon nap I took him back to the park for a few more rides. And of course this was a 4 day event we got to check out many other awesome things Quesnel had going on for billy barker days. By the last day I got him a giant stuffed animal. He got to trade in some of his smaller ones as well from the little ducky pond. He is now gonna be 4 and even though we have move to Prince George. We will be in Quesnel celebrating billy barker days again for his second year. I would love to win a wrist band for myself or him how ever this works I'm not sure. He is very excited! Thanks for reading my lil story and have a wonderful time billy barker days! We will cya there!

Megan Steele

This story is from my son Korbin Wyssen. Korbin still remembers riding the bumper cars with his dad helping him operating the pedals while giggling as we hit everyone. The alligator roller coaster operator stealing his hat as he swooped by loving his first coaster ride with hands in the air. Taking his little sister with him on the kiddie train and zapping each other with the blasters, even comforting another little one who was a bit scared so she enjoyed the ride as well. - rides during BB Days has become a tradition for the kids now and many years to come!

Fritz Wyssen

"Hello, Just wanted to say that every year I find your employees to be super nice. This year my youngest was the only one in the bumper car lineup, so the attendant went too and let her smash him up 🙂 He was a really sweet man and we sure appreciated how kind he was. Didn't catch his name but he was on it all day and I did give him a hug."


I just wanted to say that Lumby loves Shooting Star Amusements.  The positive response continues from year to year about your friendly, professional, and happy workers.  We get comments that it is great to see the workers all wearing  the Shooting Star t-shirts and how clean everything is. Folks really notice!  Thank you, your staff and helpers for adding to the success of Lumby Days.

Merna Alexander – Lumby Days President

Lumby, BC - June 2014

It was my first time at a Shooting Stars amusement park and I was so impressed by the friendliness, professionalism and helpful crew and games staff you have! They all went over and above the call of duty. We will definitely be back.

S. Beattie

Kamloops, BC 2014

Dear Shooting Star Management, I just wanted to send a note of recognition to two of your employees. I took my children to the fair today in Kamloops and we spent four hours riding each of their preferred rides many times. I must say that we have been to many fairs and not once did any employee ever stand out. Today I was pleasantly surprised. One gentleman seemed to be a floater, we first met him at the bumper cars where he enthusiastically instructed the kids and even got out there to create a more enjoyable ride. I didn't get his name, but he had trimmed brown hair and sunglasses. His instructions were helpful, and encouraging. He seemed to really enjoy his job and the kids. The other man was at the ride that featured a unique combination of elephants, Transformers, and Star Wars inspired units. My son rode this ride continuously, and the ride attendant made the ride extra fun. He played a version of peek a boo and let the kids pretend to shoot him, at the end of every go he would sneak up on a child and surprise them, this was not just on occasion, but every turn! He also ensured that the kids were getting in and out if the rides safely. I also need to mention that at every ride the attendants would assist in creating photo opportunities. They didn't rush and ignore us parents trying to get a great shot to remember our day. So in closing, kudos to your ride attendants, keep up the courtesy, you are not invisible and you really do contribute to our memories. Sincerely,

S. Guglielmini

Kamloops, BC - 2014

“I have worked with Shooting Star for 4 years and can say wholeheartedly that they are unlike most ride companies. Their staff are engaged, friendly and have a reputation for safety, community involvement and fun. All staff wear ‘fun enforcement’ ID badges! I love doing shows with them and can say that VIEx is going to be another great one!”


Sparkle Shack, August 2010

“My brother Ed speaks very highly of your staff and crew and says that Joe and Brenda go the extra mile for all the patrons of the rides, I have seen this happen on every venue that Shooting Star does. Very professional, and I am pleased that finally an Amusement Company has such high standards and professionalism. ”

Rob Longeuay, Sunzone Vendor, and a Customer

“Shooting Star Amusements is the best company I have worked for. I am looking forward to the next 15 years (and more) with all of you. I give Shooting Star Amusements 5 stars plus!”

Betty Minifie

15 years Service with Shooting Star Amusements, 2010

“I like the friendly environment at Shooting Star. I only just started this year and I am very much looking forward to returning next season, I like this job because it’s so much fun!”

Connie Gardner

First Year with Shooting Star, 2010

“You guys rock! I have been going to your fair since I was 3 years old and I am still going. You are doing a fabulous job. Keep up the great work!!!…”



“The operators were clean in appearance and had a crest signifying that they worked for the company. The rides were clean, new and looked well maintained.”

B. Thompson

Oak Bay

“The Shooting Star Midway has one of the best crews of people I’ve witnessed at a fair. Congrats for having a great staff that take care of their areas and are nice and pleasant to boot..”

Angela Crowry


“The choice of midway rides was to my way of thinking brilliant. I was really impressed.”

L. Wildong

Oak Bay

“I thought your crew working the fair from the midway to the rides where more than kind, helpful and patient.”

J. Cambridge

Oak Bay

“We noticed right away the different organization doing the amusements at the Oak Bay Tea Party this year.they were clean cut, family oriented, professional, safety conscious and just plain nice. I wanted to let you know how much we and our friends enjoyed the Tea Party this year and hope that if possible this group can be hired for future Tea Parties as well.”

L. Nicholson

Oak Bay

“I have enclosed a couple of photos I took at the recent Fiesta Days at Trimble Park in Vancouver. I was amazed at how friendly and helpful all of the ride operators were. They clearly enjoyed their work and this created an atmosphere of good cheer. Two Operators were exceptionally helpful to our granddaughter who was a bit tentative about the rides. They made sure she was comfortable and held her hand at crucial times. Over the years I have been to a fair number of amusement parks, but I have never been to one with such a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It is of course, the individual operator who creates such an atmosphere. I think you are fortunate to have so many excellent operators.”

Dr. Joe Belanger

Pt Grey Fiesta – June 2009

“We attended the Rock Creek Fair this weekend and were so impressed by the professional, fun and friendly staff! Our entire family had a great time and was so impressed! Thank-you!!!”

Jennifer Pearson

Rock Creek Fair 2009

“Want to send a “Bravo” to all of you responsible for this year’s Fair. Having the people from the rides in the parade made them part of the community. The atmosphere at the Fair was again – community.”

Lorraine Doiron

Smithers, BC 2009

“My family and I just wanted to thank Shooting Star Amusements for a wonderful time in Kamloops this past weekend. Our 3 year old had a blast! All your staff were wonderful, especially the orange train, Berry Go Round and helicopter operators!”

Csandra Cooper

Kamloops. BC – 2009

“On Canada Day, we popped over to the Cloverdale fairgrounds (with my hubby & son who is 3!). We’ve never gone to the fair before (even though we live in Cloverdale) — we are usually away camping. We let our son, Josh go on some of the kiddie rides, it was his first time & he had so much fun!! I saw that it was your company operating the rides…I just wanted to let you know you guys have amazing people working for you, everyone was so great with the little kids! We had lots of fun watching Josh on the rides, it was a blast!! I hope you had a good Canada Day!”

J. Prince

Cloverdale, BC – July 1, 2010

“As a family of 4 we are very impressed with your carnival. Your ride operators are very professional and well mannered. We hope to see you in Nanaimo again next year. My son sure used his wristband well!”

The Bennett Family

August 2010 – Vancouver Island Exhibition

“We just wanted to say thank you for having the contests through the VIEX. We had so much fun doing them and even more fun riding the rides after we won the wristbands. My Mom and Aunt joined us on the rides and I think they had even more fun that we did! Our Mom was very impressed with all the staff at the Midway (friendly and clean cut) and we really hope you will be at the VIEX next year. We told all our friends about our great experience!”


Patricia and Hannah – Vancouver Island Exhibition, August 2010

“I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the fair, the friendliness of the fair staff and the professional way the fair staff acted and looked. It was a very pleasant and wonderful addition to the V.I.X. this year and I hope it will be a long term addition.”

Tara Spender

Nanaimo, BC

“I’d like to thank the fair assoc for choosing the new company for the midway. The crew was awesome! Previous years, we were not happy with the other midway. This year we found the workers to be very friendly, kind & family oriented, not to mention cleaner. My family and I spent many hours in the midway until it closed this year and all left smiling. We made some great memories together this year, with the help of some very kind folks working on the rides. We hope you’ll choose Shooting Star for the midway every year from now on.”

Aaron Alcott

Salmon Arm BC

“I just wanted to let you know what a great job you guys are doing. We attended the Salmon Arm Fall Fair yesterday and thanks to your Midway and staff our family had a fabulous time. I especially want to commend one of your employees – I think his name was Rob. He was the operator at the bumper cars. He demonstrated excellent customer service. He was courteous, friendly and really seemed to enjoy his job. I was especially impressed when he pulled me aside to tell me that I could ride in the bumper car beside my five-year-old son. He was tall enough to ride alone, but once the safety bar came down, his legs weren’t long enough to reach the gas pedal. Rather than have him ride shotgun with his older brother, Rob allowed me to be a passenger free of charge in my son’s car so that he could have fun driving while I pressed the gas for him. Great service! Thanks for making a memorable day for all of us and we hope to see you at the Fall Fair in 2011!”

Jackie Graham

Salmon Arm, BC

“Shooting Star came to Salmon Arm and lit up the town! The staff were clean and super friendly even though it was a rainy, rainy day. I couldn’t single out one employee as being above another as they all went above and beyond in the customer service department! I have never seen a ride company who would run the rides even if the ride wasn’t full. Pretty incredible when you think of how much it must cost to run the rides. I look forward to them coming back again next year.”

Val Starchuk

Kelowna, BC

“It is obvious to me that you strive for Disneyland as your benchmark. The vibe that I have gotten from your company is such a positive one and you have been so amazing to deal with throughout this whole process. It’s easy to see the integrity that is behind your company and it shows.”

Julie Simmons

Kamloops BC

“I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience we had on the midway at the 2013 VIEX. We were trying to understand how everything worked and asked the ticket sales lady but it was so loud I couldn’t really hear what she was saying. She suggested we talk to the ride operators for more information. The ride operators were all wonderful, in particular the fellow at the kid’s train who always asks for high fives. Our daughter wasn’t quite two and we weren’t sure which rides she could go on. He took time to explain everything to us and gave us helpful insight. He really got us off to a good start and made our day at the fair. Our daughter is normally very shy and it took a few times, but by the end he got a high five out of her. I also enjoyed watching some of the other attendants dancing and enjoying themselves from high above on the Ferris Wheel while their rides were operating. After the midway shut down we sat behind the train and ended up chatting with him again and he told us about your website and contests, etc. It is wonderful to see that your staff are so caring and genuinely seem to enjoy their jobs. Thanks for a wonderful experience at the fair!!!”

Gail Morgan

Nanaimo, BC

“I regard Shooting Star as a very professional event team. The Management team was impressed by the entertainment you provided.”

J. Lomow

Pepsi Cola Canada

“We consider Shooting Star Amusements an integral part of the Point Grey Fiesta and we value the major contribution that you make to our event. On top of that you are great to work with!”

R. Alexander

Chairman – Pt. Grey Fiesta

“You guys did an awesome job! The park looked great after you left.”

M. Grimm

President – Penticton Peach Festival

“The most professional organization I have dealt with.period. The staff was so courteous, friendly, well dressed and efficient, that many other businesses could learn from them. They were in and out with no mess; no fuss.and the kids loved it.”
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J. Twa

BC Hydro

“I am pleased to say that Shooting Star Amusements provided a welcomed change to the 45th Annual Oak Bay Tea Party in the summer of 2007. All of the staff were polite, friendly, helpful and well groomed. We had nothing but positive comments. I would highly recommend Shooting Star Amusements”


W.Murphy-Dyson, Chairman – Oak Bay Tea Party

“For over 20 years Shooting Star Amusements have demonstrated their commitment to quality and professionalism in the supply and operation of attractions at the annual PNE Fair.” “They are equally adept whether the event is a community festival, a movie shoot, or a major fair..” “They have a cooperative attitude and attention to detail in all aspects of their business.” “They have a team of caring, competent employees with great customer service skills that present a clean cut, safe and fun image to the general public. We know we can count on Shooting Star to go the extra mile to help ensure our success..”
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P. Goudron

Pacific National Exhibition

We have received nothing but praise and appreciation for the Midway this year! The new location worked wonderfully for us and it is good to know that it was the same for you. It was delightful to drive down the road and to see that it really looked like a fair. Your placement of the booths shielded the dais from any overwhelming noise. The attire, attention and attitude of all your staff was commended by many parents who stopped me to comment. The cleanliness of equipment, absence of litter, and accessibility of the rides were also remarked upon. You certainly lived up to your promise and publicity! A million thanks!

Mary Lautard

President - Rock Creek & Boundary Fall Fair, 2009

All reports here were about the success of Lumby Days and over and over folks commented about the improved lay-out. Thank you and Joe for getting us there and for the help with the power.

Merna Alexander

President – Lumby Days, 2010

…Your team has certainly brought a lot of class, kindness and fun to the Midway circuit. We so appreciate all of you.

Donna Revke

President - Powell River Sea Fair, 2010

…Thank you for the great Midway! You aren’t going to believe the feedback we got, it was wonderful! Thanks for helping us make this year one of the best fairs ever!

Karen Streeter

Vice President - Vancouver Island Exhibition, 2010

…We have had nothing but praise about your company, people mention the cleanliness of your midway and your employees get two thumbs up!

Carol Maddock

Office Administrator – Vancouver Island Exhibition, 2010

“…We enjoyed your midway so very much, your people were so nice to work with, and a lot of people reported that it was a joy to go through all of your events. Everyone was so hospitable to all.”

Ellen Hammer

Salmon Arm Fair 2010

Shooting Star Amusements Celebrates over 20 years at Billy Barker Days …"At this time we would once again thank your Company for putting on such a clean and organized event, for being so pleasant to both our directors and our various workers, and for providing bonuses to both the general public and to our Volunteers. You are always a pleasure to work with and we look forward to seeing you next year!"
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Maureen Murray

Society Secretary, Billy Barker Days 2010