SHOOTING STAR AMUSEMENTS Nominated by Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Agricultural Association Commercial Member of the Year Award – 2015

2015 marks the second year of our partnership with Shooting Star Amusements and we are proud to nominate them for the 2015 BCAAFE Commercial Member Award. I have kept our submission from last year as all the outstanding mentions are still alive and kicking but how our partnership started is important to keep in this presentation.

This presentation is more about Joe and Brenda as people as opposed to their outstanding business practices; it’s about taking off the layers to reveal their heart, compassion and community engagement to the fair personnel and the community where they put down their roots for a few days a year.

At the BCAAFE convention in 2014. Joe and Brenda bid on a silent auction item to raise money for B.C. Fairs. They bid on and won a delegate package to the Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions convention held in Vancouver which included hotel accommodation. As the Medeiros’s could not attend they offered the package to Lorraine Bates. As a medium sized fair and not having the funding to send a delegate to the convention, Lorraine was extremely thankful for their generosity and thoughtfulness, she also mentioned that Christmas came early!!!

In conversation with Brenda, we shared what we and many of the fair volunteers do in the winter months which included our involvement with the Christmas Hamper Society. We shared that the entire organization was administered with volunteers, Brenda immediately said, “I’m in and so are some of my staff”. Brenda and her entourage helped with the Kids Only Gift Shoppe which is where the children from financially disadvantaged families can come to shop for free for a gift for their mum, dad or caregiver. They had a great time with the hundreds of children who come to shop and then later sat with all the volunteers and experienced those “warm & fuzzies” from doing a great job, especially for the less fortunate in our local communities. The Shooting Star Dream Team was already deemed as exceptional but then another surprise came our way, a large cheque to the Christmas Hamper Society. Our thoughts were, do they ever stop giving?? NO, they do not, they brings gifts when they come to pay the fair the bill and during the B.C. Fairs convention they bring gifts to each fair that they do business with.

During this year’s Country Fest we were blessed to meet Dorothy Rauch. Dorothy wanted to volunteer but was concerned that we wouldn’t be interested as she was sight impaired and one hundred and two years old. While Dorothy was doing her SHIFT at the silent auction area she expressed an interest in going on the Ferris wheel and making sure that one of her wishes on her bucket list was ticked off. We took her over to Shooting Star Amusements to share her story. The staff was wonderful and of course Brenda made Dorothy’s day by thanking her personally for choosing their midway, in fact she more than made her day! Dorothy talked about those words for days. That gesture was not about business, it was about making an elderly lady feel great to be alive. That my friends, was a gesture that was truly from the heart and that is what the folks from Shooting Star Amusements are all about.

We were extremely fortunate to witness who they are as people. Joe and Brenda Medeiros are absolutely incredible and more than worthy of the 2015 BCAAFE Commercial Member Award.

Last year’s submission to B.C. Fairs

Prior to Securing Shooting Star Amusements

For many years and after receiving some very complimentary comments from Events that they already served, Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Agricultural Association attempted to secure the services of Shooting Star Amusements. Unfortunately for our association our fair dates were always in conflict with their busy summer schedule. Well, this year was our lucky year as we were in the market for a new midway and they had an unexpected cancellation. We were over the moon excited for the possible partnership and an opportunity to deal with the professional husband and wife team of Joe and Brenda Medeiros. Everything that we had heard about the couple was absolutely true; in fact it was more than we had wished for. They welcomed our fair into their summer time family with open arms.

During Contract Negotiations

The word negotiation sometimes is a negative experience but not for this company, it was just so straight-forward and pleasant to say the least. Joe and Brenda run a professional office, where they answer emails and phone calls immediately. Percentages, times of operation, set up/tear-down times were explained and the designated area was established. Was there any duplication of food concessions and how many could they bring? It was no problem to them to be asked to leave their mini donut vendor off the list as we have a long time vendor that we didn’t want to upset. The papers were signed, and that is how simple the whole procedure was!!

Prior to Country Fest

Three days prior to Country Fest the midway rolled into town and what followed was really impressive. Joe had made a trip to the grounds and got a feel for the layout and so there was no guessing where rides had to go with this company. Shooting Star staff, dressed in traffic control vests got to work immediately by identifying what gates had to close or open for fire regulations, they politely directed site traffic to appropriate alternate parking and then proceeded to marking out the site. It so slick, so smooth, they just took control.

During Country Fest

The rides opened and the entire weekend went without any incidents, at least from our prospective. Shooting Star employees were extremely polite, clean, well dressed, organized and seemed to be really enjoying their role of entertaining the visitors. In addition to the company having a “Go Green” policy, the rides were clean, and a great variety for all ages. At the end of the day employees were driven home (Langley) in a mini bus leaving a security person and owner, Joe Medeiros to remain on site to deal with any issues. When the midway operates out of the Lower Mainland their employees spend their off time in a local hotel.

Post Country Fest

The midway was packed up in record time and the grounds were left absolutely spotless, not a single piece of garbage was to be seen!! And here is the best part: Shortly after the closing of the fair, Brenda came into my office with the percentage cheque and also in her arms was a huge gift basket for me (might have been for us, but I hid it!) with two bottles of wine, chocolates and lots of keepsake gifts. She said it was a token of their appreciation but we should be the ones giving her and Joe a gift!! We have never had so many positive remarks from a midway from our exhibitors and 4-H leaders and parents.
Thank you Joe and Brenda, for a job well done. It was such a pleasure to have you on board!!!!!
On the next page you will find some quotes from other fairs/exhibitions in B. C. who have been lucky enough to have Shooting Star Amusements at their event. As you read through their quotes you will find a COMMON THREAD that runs through their words describing the calibre of service delivered by this company. This is the reason why Shooting Star Amusements is more than worthy of the 2014 BCAAFE Commercial Member Award and in my opinion, this nomination is long over due.

Lorraine Bates, Manager, Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Agricultural Association

What other British Columbia Fairs/Exhibitions have to say about Shooting Star Amusements….

“I have found Shooting Stars an amazing group to work with. The staff have always been very polite and courteous and the owners, Brenda and Joe, are a delight to work with. They are very professional and eager to help in any way they can.”
Lisa Sims, Treasurer— Rock Creek and Boundary Fair Association

“Joe and Brenda and crew are great to work with. They participate in our parade on main street; they sponsor contests in our Halls for the children; they encourage us in our yearly themes by either donating costumes, contests or both. It is a great day for all of us when they roll onto our grounds. Their rides are clean and well-maintained and the operators are always pleasant.”
Bulkley Valley Exhibition

“Shooting Star Amusements are courteous, friendly and very professional. Their employees do not smoke on site, and stay in local hotels which contributes to our local economy. We are also pleased that Shooting Stars abide by our rules, regulations and our local noise ordinance. We have had the pleasure to work with Joe and Brenda for the past five years and we are extremely pleased with their service and definitely look forward to working with them in the future.”
Karen Streeter, Vice President—Vancouver Island Exhibition

“Thank you for the opportunity to comment on “Shooting Star Amusements”, and their contribution to our fair in Salmon Arm. We have found them willing to play a positive part in encouraging the public to come to the fair by providing contests, prizes and a family atmosphere in their midway. Their employees are friendly,
professional, well presented and determined that all patrons will have a “fun”
experience with them. We are looking forward to having them again as part of the Salmon Arm Fair family.”
Phil Wright, President – Salmon Arm and Shuswap Lake Agricultural Association