Sahali Center Mall, Kamloops BC

Thank You Kamloops and Sahali Center Mall!

Twinkle-Shops-Sahali-Mall-300x180I read somewhere the City of Kamloops is BC’s friendliest City. We travel to many communities in the Province of BC, I think it is quite possibly true what they say about Kamloops! We were welcomed everywhere we went while we were in the City – and we all received such great service from the Merchants in the Mall, the Laundromat, and many of the other businesses we used while we were here. On behalf of all of us at Shooting Star Amusements, our gratitude to the great people of Kamloops!

We were completely inspired by the genuine kindness of our customers. You really make what we do fun! Thank you everyone for believing not all Carnival Companies are the same.

During our stay in Kamloops. We added a record number of fans to our page for a total of 147 Fans to our Facebook Fans Page making Kamloops our #1 Fans base for Facebook!

I would extend a special thanks to Marg Archibald for all you do, and for your personal kindness and hey, just for being you! The Sahali Mall is fortunate to have someone like you taking care of their business! We look forward to working with you again next year!

Thanks to all the Merchants of Sahali Mall for Allowing Us to be in Kamloops
Sharing your Parking lot with your Customers!

As always, Joe and I thank all of our crew.

We appreciate your continuous dedication to providing a great experience for our Customers!

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