Rock Creek Fall Fair Society

Thank You Rock Creek and Boundary Fall Fair!

We have really learned in life, there is always something to be thankful for. We are so thankful for the people who came to the Rock Creek Fall Fair, in spite of the weather conditions. With a population of only 350 people (most of them Volunteered for the Fair) we were grateful to see the thousands of people who came from many communities to enjoy the best little country fair in the area. We were truly blessed with the rain holding off most of the day on Saturday and we enjoyed a great crowd of fair-goers coming home for the “Homecoming” theme of the Rock Creek Fair.

We extend our gratitude to the people at the Gold Pan Inn for your hospitality and delicious food. The girls on our crew who stayed at the Fossen Guest House had a great time. Thanks to Louise for your Hospitality!

We enjoyed seeing all the exhibits in the Children’s categories displayed in the Halls. There are many talented people in this community, both young and old – it was delightful to see so many entries – with some kids entering in over 20 different classes!


Winners of the Contests Sponsored by Shooting Star Amusements
All Entries were displayed in the Hall
Ten all Day Ride Passes were awarded to the
Children who entered the Most Exhibits


Thanks to all the Volunteers Who Work
Countless hours to make the Fair A huge success!
Our Thanks To All the Directors
Special thanks to Anita, Rob, Mary, Ron and Art for all your Help!

On Behalf of all of us at Shooting Star

Now that our work is finished,
we say good bye with grateful hearts.

We want to thank you for your dedication,
and being there from the start.

Words cannot convey our gratitude
for your tremendous contribution.

We never could have asked
for more dedicated volunteers
and words cannot express
how grateful we are to have been invited here.
It has been both a pleasure and a Privilege to work with all of you!

As always, Joe and I thank all of our crew.

We appreciate your continuous dedication to providing a great experience for our Customers!

See you Next Year!