Living-the-Dream-with-Shooting-Star-Amusments-300x186We couldn’t Google “Carnivals in British Columbia” from a Pay Phone. Have you ever looked back at old pictures from ten years ago and said, “I had so much fun back then”? Looking back at the good old days is kind of like a Spa for your Spirit. Remembering all the fun we have had, the laughs and oh, how naive we were. There is no question as you grow up you get wiser!

Fortunately in the Carnival business growing up doesn’t mean growing old! We still continue to have so much fun! We work in an outdoor playground all summer long!
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web-jaenna-and-mattais-anticipation-300x225It is incredible how quickly a decade goes by! At our headquarters, our Production team have been researching our history from ten years ago looking back to 2002. Who knew in just ten quick years our carnival midway would grow to triple the size?

What an incredible journey this has been for us. Owning our own Carnival has been a spectacular ride on the biggest roller coaster! The ups and downs and turns and curves, really makes the ride not only a thrill, but a great joy and pleasure.

There is never a moment that goes by, that I am not grateful for the people who have believed in our Carnival Company. We owe gratitude to our long term clients and the new ones who took a leap of faith and hired our Carnival Midway Company. We are so fortunate to have made incredible friendships with these amazing people — most of them are Volunteers and many of them have been Directors of the Fairs and Festivals for much more than a decade!
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2011Temple-with-Twinkle-225x300We live in a multi-cultural society in British Columbia. As a result, we have the great pleasure of enjoying so many great Cultural Events around the Lower Mainland. What better way to expose your children to how other cultures live and celebrate?

Living in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia with such a diverse fusion of people you can actually travel through your own community as if you were on vacation in another country!

Looking for something to do in April? One of the greatest things to experience is the Culture and Celebrations of India. Why not see and enjoy the Vaisakhi Days Celebration in Surrey BC? Most of the food and events are free. The Carnival rides can be enjoyed at the lowest price of the year!

For many thousands of years, “Vaisakhi” (pronounced Vah-sack-ee) has been the time when farmers have brought in their harvest and celebrated the coming of a new year and a new harvest season. For the last 300+ years, the Sikhs have had a further reason to celebrate at this time of the year. Vaisakhi has become a holy day to mark the birth of the Khalsa fraternity.
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Tired of the rising cost of fuel? Imagine how many trucks we need to transport our Amusements from the West Coast to your community! Fuel costs today are our biggest enemy, followed right after the HST. Unfortunately we have to include some of this increase in our ride ticket prices.
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SSA-Kamikaze-Photo-165x300RISING TO NEW HEIGHTS IN 10 YEARS!

Our 10th year is going to be spectacular! Shooting Star Amusements has a Big New Ride! The Kamikaze will be coming to a Fair or Festival near you this summer!

In recognition of the 10th Anniversary of developing our company, “Shooting Star Amusements”, we brought a brand new ride to the West Coast of BC!! This is no kiddie ride! It’s a BIG new Ride to thrill the Teenagers at our Fairs and Festivals. The Kamikaze Ride towers up over 60 feet in the air!

A 10 Year Anniversary is a Sapphire Anniversary. Our Kamikaze fits the bill! The same colour as our original “True Blue” uniform shirts! This ride will take us all to new heights in our 10th Season, it’s the biggest ride to grace our Midway.

Join us at any of our events from the West Coast right through the Okanagon. Take the Gold Rush Trail to Quesnel for Billy Barker Days, cruize through Prince George, all the way up to Smithers for the Bulkley Valley Exhibition, the Greatest Country Fair and Rodeo in Northern BC!
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February 25, 2012 – Calling all Creative People

Carousel-Horse_99_13-199x300We are currently finalizing our Prize Book Contests for our Agricultural Fairs; Vancouver Island Exhibition, Bulkley Valley Exhibition and the Salmon Arm Fall Fair.

I count my blessings that I am fortunate enough to be able to create things like this for little people. Coming up with new ideas each year that interest kids and inspire their creativity is such fun. Prize Book Contest brainstorming reminds me of how much I loved to create things when I was a child. Truthfully I have not outgrown my love of “making stuff” !

For 2012, we have added a brand new Contest for kids aged 6 to 10 years old, and for Youth Age 11 to 17. Watch for more details at our participating fairs and festivals coming soon.
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I love Spring! It’s my favorite Season of the year. It’s full of hope and the promise of new beginnings and a fresh start.

Around our Headquarters the pace really quickens and the excitement begins! We are just 3 weeks away from “Showtime”! Outside the birds are singing the daffodils are pushing through the soil, the lawn starts to green up and grow. Nature too is gearing up for spring after a tranquil winter. Life is renewed!
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facebook_iconWebBackground-150x150Why not “Like Us” on Facebook?  Did you know we run Facebook Contest regularly so our Fans can win free ride tickets to use on our Midway?

Did you also know that you don’t always have to be a member of Facebook to win those prizes?  We often allow you to answer the questions through our website.  But you have a much better chance of being first if you “Like us” on Facebook.

You can win Free rides, free all day Ride passes and other free stuff to use on our Midway?  It doesn’t cost you a single cent to try either.  In fact, the more times you try the contests the more times your name is entered into the Draw for our Grand Prize at the end of the year.  For the last two years, we have given away a trip for two to Disneyland!  2012’s Grand Prize will be announced soon!  Find us on Facebook for more details
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